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Discussion Room

Photo of Discussion Room

Discussion Rooms of the Hong Kong Central Library are located on 6/F, 9/F and 10/F.  Bookings can be made by readers on the same day for discussion of library materials.  Depending on the size of the Discussion Room, it can accommodate two to six or eight users (subject to the maximum and minimum numbers of users as specified by the Library for respective rooms).  Hirers/users shall ensure that the number of users falls within the allowed range during the hiring session.  Applications for hiring a discussion room can be made at the service counter of the respective floor for one hour, one and a half hours or two hours on the same day.  Each hirer can hire a Discussion Room for up to two hours per day.  Details of the hire charges are as follows:

Discussion RoomArea (sq.m.)No. of Users AllowedCharges for 1st hour (HK$)Charges for every subsequent half-hour (HK$)
616 (6/F) 16.7 2 to 8 65 33
618 & 619 (6/F) 12.9 2 to 6 50 25
912 (9/F) 14.5 2 to 8 57 29
913 (9/F) 11.1 2 to 6 43 22
914 (9/F) 14.5 2 to 8 57 29
1016 & 1017 (10/F) 8.3 2 to 6 32 16