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The "Libraries@neighbourhood - Community Libraries Partnership Scheme" is launched by the Hong Kong Public Libraries to provide community-based library services in collaboration with non-profit-making community organizations. Participating organizations are offered block loan of library materials and professional advice for setting up community libraries that meet the needs of their target clients. These community libraries bring library services within quick and easy reach of local residents, particularly children, teenagers, housewives, the elderly, and those who are unable to access normal library facilities.

Libraries@neighbourhood - Community Libraries Partnership Scheme

How to Enrol

To apply for the scheme, the organization is required to submit the duly completed Library Card Application Form and the Application for Block Loan of Library Materials Form together with a copy of its certificate of registration to the Librarian in any public library. Upon approval of the application, the Librarian would notify the organization and liaise with them for arrangement of book selection. A block loan of hundreds of items of library materials for a period of two months may be arranged each time. The borrowing limit and loan period can also be adjusted to suit the need of individual organization. The organization may choose to renew the due loan items, or return the due loan items to the library and borrow another batch of library materials.

Please click here for contact information of branch libraries.