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Introduction to collection development

The collection development of the Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) aims to develop a library stock that meets the community's needs for information and research, to support lifelong learning, continuous education and profitable use of leisure time, and to promote local literary arts. It is guided by the beliefs proclaimed in the UNESCO Public Library Manifesto and helps achieve the mission of HKPL as follows :

  1. To enable access by providing a wide network of public libraries as well as free and equitable access to information and knowledge of diverse points of views to serve all residents of Hong Kong;
  2. To enrich knowledge by providing a gateway to information and knowledge for supporting and encouraging lifelong learning;
  3. To cultivate quality of life by enriching the documentary heritage of the history and culture of Hong Kong and promote Hong Kong literature and local publications;
  4. To inspire curiosity and creativity through reading;
  5. To enhance quality of library services by leveraging on new technology and the use of IT; and
  6. To build connection and engagement through public involvement and partnership in public library services.