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1/ Exhibition on Mr. WONG Sau-yin Collection

Date: 2023/5/1 (Monday) to 2023/8/31 (Thursday)
Time: Library Opening Hours
Venue: Hong Kong Central Library (8/F Rare Book Reading Room)
Description: Mr. Wong Sau-yin, with pen name ‘’Wang Yi Tao”, is a renowned poet, prose writer and literary critic in Hong Kong, who makes connections well with contemporary Chinese writers at home and abroad. He shows his keen support to the Documents Collection Campaign by donating books and periodicals to the Hong Kong Central Library. The library specially established the “WONG Sau-yin Collection” and complied the catalogue, which serves as a reference tool for researchers and readers. The exhibition showcases selected items from the collection including books, autographed copies and periodicals donated by Mr. Wong to revisit his road to literary creation and criticism.

1/ Preservation and Conservation of Historical Documents in the Hong Kong Central Library

Date: 2023/5/3 (Wednesday) to 2023/8/29 (Tuesday)
Time: Library Opening Hours
Venue: Hong Kong Central Library (8/F Cultural and Historical Resources Corner)
Description: The Conservation Unit of the Hong Kong Central Library is responsible for the preservation and conservation of precious rare books and historical documents. The exhibition reveals the causes of book deterioration and conservation techniques. Hope readers can learn more about the process of document conservation.

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1/ The Hong Kong Musicians Series: The Eminent Soprano: YAU Hiu-chau

Date: 2023/4/1 (Saturday) to 2023/7/31 (Monday)
Time: Library Opening Hours
Venue: Hong Kong Central Library (10/F Arts Document Reading Room)
Description: The eminent soprano YAU Hiu-chau dedicates her life to music performances and music education. She founded the Chang Feng Chorus in 1978 and organised numerous concerts and seminars. She made remarkable contribution to the music education in Hong Kong.

The exhibition showcases the music score, house programmes and photos. Readers can find out more about the distinguished soprano.
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