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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Payment Service


Payment Conditions

Q.1: What forms of payment are accepted for mobile payment?

A.1: Only Google Pay/Apple Pay, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay and Visa are accepted for mobile payment via "My Library" App.

Q.2: Are all charges payable via the mobile payment service?

A.2: The mobile payment service allows payment of overdue fines and reservation fees only. The replacement costs of lost library materials and outstanding charges being recovered from legal actions cannot be paid via this mobile payment service.

Q.3: Is there a minimum amount for mobile payment?

A.3: No.

Q.4: Can I make partial payment?

A.4: You can select to pay any or all of the fines/fees listed in “Charges” section. However, each of the fines/fees must be paid in full.

Q.5: Is there a service charge for using the mobile payment service?

A.5: There is no service charge for using mobile payment service.

Q.6: Will a receipt be provided after my payment on mobile device?

A.6: After completion of the payment transaction, a “Confirmation Page” providing a “Transaction Reference Number” will be shown on screen. Please capture the “Confirmation Page” screen for future reference. No other receipt will be issued by mobile payment service.

Q.7: Will my account be updated instantly after payment is made via the App?

A.7: Yes, your account will be updated instantly after payment has been made and the “Confirmation Page” has been displayed on screen. The paid items will no longer appear in your account.

Q.8: Why do the charges I just paid still appear in my account?

A.8: After completion of the payment transaction, your account will be updated instantly. If the paid items are still found in your account, please try restarting the App. If the paid items still appear, please send us relevant information on library card number, borrowed items and associated charges, etc. via email at for follow-up action by library staff.

Q.9: Can I get details of my previous payment transactions on my device?

A.9: The App has no online function for viewing payment history but it may be available in some mobile devices using digital wallet. You can also check the details of previous payments with library staff by providing the “Transaction Reference Number” if necessary.

Q.10: Why am I blocked for mobile payment?

A.10: Mobile payment service is suspended when the outstanding charges in your account are being recovered from legal actions. Please visit any Hong Kong Public Libraries to settle the payment.

Q.11: Can I demand a refund of my previous payment?

A.11: All charges paid will not be refunded except under special circumstances. If a refund is required, you may contact your card issuing bank to demand for a refund. Please note that refund will only be made to the original credit card account used for the payment. If the original credit card account has been cancelled when the refund is made, some card issuing banks may charge you an administration fee.

General Technical Questions

Q.12: Who will receive my credit card information entered for mobile payment?

A.12: Your credit card information is captured by the payment service provider, e.g. a credit card acquiring bank. Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Hong Kong Pubic Libraries cannot access such information.

Q.13: What should I do if my mobile device does not respond during the payment process?

A.13: If you encounter any problems during the payment process, the App screen would provide a “Transaction Reference Number” or error message. You may note down the “Transaction Reference Number” or message first and then check the status of your payment with library staff.

Q.14: I have two credit cards issued by different banks. Why is one card accepted for mobile payment but not the other?

A.14: At present, apart from digital wallet, only credit cards (JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay and Visa) are accepted for mobile payment. However, some Visa cards and MasterCards do not support mobile payment. Thus, if your Visa card or MasterCard is not accepted for mobile payment, please check with your credit card issuers to ascertain if the card supports mobile payment.

Q.15: Does my mobile device need to be configured for mobile payment?

A.15: There is generally no specific system requirement. But if you have registered for Visa's and MasterCard's security programs (i.e. Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode), you may need to enable your device browser to accept cookies from your credit card issuer's website. You are advised to check with your credit card issuer if they have imposed any other specific system requirements. If you want to know more about Apple Pay/Google Pay, please refer to the relevant information provided by Apple or Google: Apple Pay / Google Pay

Q.16: Is my personal data entered for the mobile payment service protected?

A.16: We use SSL protocol to encrypt data during network transmission to protect your personal data. All personal data you provide via the mobile payment service are secured, and access to them is restricted to authorized personnel only.