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Frequently Asked Questions

Thematic Block Loan to Kindergartens


Q1. What is “Thematic Block Loan Service to Kindergartens”?

A1: The Thematic Block Loan Service to Kindergartens is launched by the Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) to further promote a reading culture to children, families and schools. With reference to the four developmental characteristics of children, namely “Physical”, “Intellectual”, “Language” and “Social and emotional”, books are categorised under six themes, including Sense & Sensation, Concepts, Poetry & Rhymes, Art & Creativity, Emotion & Social Skills and Early Readers to facilitate the selection of books by kindergarten teachers to promote reading among children in collaboration with the HKPL, thus giving children an opportunity to enrich their reading experience by gaining access to and reading different kinds of books.


Q2: How can kindergarten teachers apply for this service?

A2: A kindergarten, if not yet applied with a library card, is required to follow the instructions and submit the duly completed “Library Card Application Form” and “Application for Block Loan of Library Materials” together with a copy of its certificate of registration to the Librarian of any public library. Upon approval of the application, the kindergarten can select one set of thematic books for a period of two months. The loan items due for return may be renewed if they are not reserved by other kindergartens. The library will consider adjusting the arrangement on matters such as the quantity of library materials and thematic book sets to be borrowed, loan period and transportation of library materials having regard to individual circumstances. For enquiry, please contact our Librarians.


Q3: If a kindergarten has already borrowed books from a public library, can the kindergarten apply for the thematic block loan?

A3: Yes, please contact our Librarians for details.


Q4: How can kindergarten know the titles for each theme for borrowing?

A4: To facilitate kindergarten teachers to choose suitable themes, the book lists of the six themes have been uploaded to the library webpage (