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Frequently Asked Questions

“iAM Smart”


Q1: What is “iAM Smart”?

A1: “iAM Smart” mobile app provides a one-stop personalised digital services platform which enables users to log in and use online services of different government departments and commercial organisations by their personal mobile phone in a smart and convenient way.

For details of ‘iAM Smart”, please visit the thematic website of “iAM Smart” of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (

Q2: What services of the Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) are supported by “iAM Smart”?

A2: “iAM Smart” supports the following online library services:

  1. Authentication: log into the library account (except “My Library” mobile app and e-Resources mobile apps)
  2. “e-ME” Form Filling: automatically fill in library forms using the personalised data stored in the e-ME account, applicable to the online forms “Suggestion for Library Purchase”, “Ask a Librarian”, “Online Registration for Borrowers” and "Online Registration" for extension activities.

Q3: How can I bind my library account with the “iAM Smart” account?

A3: Please follow the steps below to bind your accounts:

  • Choose the option “Login with iAM Smart” when you log into your library account.
  • The webpage will be re-directed to “First-time Login with ‘iAM Smart’ to Library Account”. Follow the instructions to enter the required information and then click “Bind” to confirm the new setting.
  • After binding your library account, you can immediately enjoy quick and easy login.

Please watch online video from "iAM Smart" for the details.

Q4: Why can’t I bind my “iAM Smart” account with the library accounts of my family members?

A4: Your Hong Kong Identity Card is required for registration of an “iAM Smart” account. As the “iAM Smart” account is for the sole use of the registered user, it cannot be bound with more than one library account.

Q5: What are the benefits of binding “iAM Smart” with my library account?

A5: Once the binding is successful, you can use “iAM Smart” to log in your library account via the HKPL website to enjoy various online library services, including managing your account and viewing different kinds of e-books and e-resources.

Q6: How can I unbind my library account from “iAM Smart”?

A6: Please follow the steps below to unbind your account:

  • Log into your library account and go to “My Setting”;
  • Click “Yes” under the section “iAM Smart” to unbind;
  • Click “Save” to confirm the new setting;
  • Log out your library account in order to complete the unbinding.

Q7: Why can’t I use “iAM Smart” to log into the library account(s) on “My Library” mobile app?

A7: Unlike “iAM Smart” which adopts authentication of a single digital identity, “My Library” mobile app allows access to and management of multiple library accounts. Owing to different means of authentication, you cannot use “iAM Smart” to log into and manage the library account(s) on “My Library” mobile app.

Q8: Can I log in and use e-Resources mobile apps like “HyRead” and “OverDrive” through “iAM Smart”?

A8: No, you are required to use your library account number and password to log in e-Resources mobile apps. Due to limitations of existing functions, you can only use the webpage version of those e-Resources to log into the library account.

Q9: Can I use the “e-ME” form filling function of “iAM Smart” to fill in all forms on the library website automatically?

A9: You can use the “e-ME” form filling function of “iAM Smart” to automatically fill in four types of library forms, namely “Suggestion for Library Purchase”, “Ask a Librarian”, “Online Registration for Borrowers” and "Online Registration" for extension activities.