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Hong Kong Public Libraries has resumed normal opening hours with precautionary measures continued to avoid gathering and foster social distancing. Please refer to the Details.


Recommended Books


詠給‧明就仁波切 著、艾瑞克‧史旺森 執筆、江翰雯、德噶翻譯小組 譯
Call No.: 225 4086



倪匡 口述、江迅 文
Call No.: 829 2771



𥂁見直紀 著、王蘊潔 譯
台北市 : 天下遠見出版股份有限公司,2013。
Call No.: 431.420931 4642


《半農半X的生活 : 順從自然,實踐天賦》

𥂁見直紀 著、蘇楓雅 譯
台北 : 天下遠見,2006。
Call No.: 430.31 4642



饒玖才 著
香港 : 郊野公園之友會:天地圖書有限公司,2015。
Call No.: 739.189 8414



饒玖才 著
香港 : 郊野公園之友會:天地圖書有限公司,2017。
Call No.: 739.189 8414


《偷書賊 = The book thief》

馬格斯‧朱薩克 著、呂玉蟬 譯
新店 : 木馬文化,2014。
Call No.: 889 9590



沈從文 著、王風 編
香港 : 香港中和出版有限公司,2018。
Call No.: 797.07 3420



愛德蒙多‧德‧亞米契斯 文、董麗俊 圖、賈月珍 譯
Call No.: 889 0842



富蘭克林‧H‧金 著、程存旺、石嫣 譯
北京 : 東方出版社,2016。
Call No.: 430 2486



葉子林 著
香港 : 天地圖書有限公司,2018。
Call No.: 430.9391 4414


《活出意義來 : 從集中營到存在主義》

弗蘭克 著、趙可式、沈錦惠 譯
台北 : 光啟文化,2006。
Call No.: 170.1 5708



福岡正信 著、吳菲 譯
桂林 : 廣西師範大學出版社,2017。
Call No.: 430 3712


"Farmers of forty centuries : organic farming in China, Koream and Japan"

by F.H. King
Mineola, N.Y, : Dover Publications, 2004.
Call No.: R 630.95 KIN


"The help"

by Kathryn Stockett
New York : Amy Einhorn Books / G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2009.
Call No.: F STO

This is a powerful book that talks about the America during the early 1960s. It describes the life of the African American women working in the white households. What struck me is about how people who are of different status, different family background, different colours, could build up friendship and trust from an environment that promotes racist beliefs and segregation. How human love and the belief of social justice can conquer stigma, oppression and injustice. This book is recommended by Dr. Isabella NG, speaker of Meet-the-Authors 2020.


"The one-straw revolution: an introduction to natural farming"

by Masanobu Fukuoka; edited by Larry Korn; preface by Wendell Berry; introduction by  Frances Moore Lappé.
New York : New York Review Books Ckassics, 2009.
Call No.: 631.584 FUK


“Steve Jobs”

by Walter Isaacson
New York: Simon & Schuster, 2011.
Call No.: 621.39092 JOB


“All that remains : a life in death”

by Sue Black
London : Doubleday, 2018.
Call No.: 155.937 BLA


"On writing ; a memoir of the craft"

by Stephen King
New York : Scriber, 2000.
Call No.: 823 KIN