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Lecture Series on Chinese Classics and Their Contemporary Resonances (July 2022)

Lecture Series on Chinese Classics and Their Contemporary Resonances (July 2022)

To celebrate the centennial of Hok Hoi Library in 2023 and the 60th anniversary of Hong Kong Public Libraries in 2022, Hok Hoi Library and Hong Kong Public Libraries announce the launching of the lecture series, “Chinese Classics and Their Contemporary Resonances,” in which some 18 invited lectures will be scheduled from April to August of 2022, featuring the works of notable scholars in Hong Kong. The event is a celebration and commemoration of the immense intellectual contributions of Hok Hoi Library in the past century. It also showcases the multifarious scholarly achievements of leading local experts on the Chinese classics and canons. The targeted audiences include not only academics but also the general public. Speakers will seek to convey and share, in non-technical language, their insights into the Chinese classical traditions. The foremost goal is to foster a popular appreciation of the classical texts as a quintessential part of China’s cultural capital.