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Date: Starting from July 2022

Channel: Hong Kong Public Libraries YouTube Channel

LCSD Edutainment Channel


Event "Big Ideas for Kids" Series
Language Cantonese
Performing Group Bear Music - Tiny Eyes Studio

Episode 1: Circle Drawing

Make use of your imagination to create drawing by using black pen, drawing paper and oil pastels!


Episode 2: Magic Paper Craft

Let's try together to make an unique peacock artwork by using cardboard and poster colors!


Episode 3: 3D Hand Drawing

Use the feature of lines to create your 3D dimension by using pencil, marker pen and drawing paper!



Episode 4: Paper Plate Craft

 Let's create a 3D flower by using a pencil, scissors, poster colors and paper plates!

Event Dr. Wonderful's Science Lab
Language Cantonese
Host Jam Island Theatre

Episode 1: Magic Fish

Create vivid fish by using water, spoon, whiteboard marker and plastic tray!


Episode 2: Magical Water

Let's make use of iodine, vitamin C tablets, glass, water and wood chopsticks to turn brown-coloured water becoming transparent!


Episode 3: A Letter From Secret Agent

Let's create a letter like a secret agent by using white vinegar, paper, candle and writing brush!


Episode 4: Mirage

Use the principle of reflection to create 3D iamges by using mobile phone, scissors, tape and transparencies!