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"Multi-dimensional Reading of Jin Yong's Martial Arts Novels" Subject Talk

Since its publication in 1955, “Jin Yong's novels” has become a term with multiple interpretations. Different generations and age groups may encounter different editions of Jin Yong's novels, as well as TV dramas, movies, comics, and more. Over the past seventy years, these have woven together to form the world of "Jin Yong's Jianghu". During the talk, the speaker pieces together the contemporary landscape of Jin Yong's Jianghu and reads the novels with readers again, in order to discover the piece of puzzle in everyone’s hands.

"Multi-dimensional Reading of Jin Yong's Martial Arts Novels" Subject Talk is a tie-in activity of “Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival 2024”. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) presented the first Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival last year to great acclaim. This year, the second edition features "Arts & Action" as its theme, taking audiences on a journey through time to explore the charm of Hong Kong's pop culture. It encompasses both "Arts" (creative works) and "Action" (martial arts), an attempt to show the dynamic inheritance, diffusion, integration and breakthroughs within Hong Kong's pop culture.

The event lineup offers a diverse range of formats including thematic exhibitions, film screenings, stage performances and outreach activities, and its rich content spans across literature, various art forms and martial arts, clearly showcasing how Hong Kong's vibrant and diverse pop culture stands out from the rest. For more information, please visit

The subject talk is also one of the activities in the Chinese Culture Promotion Series. The LCSD has all along promoted Chinese history and culture through organising an array of programmes and activities to enable the public learn more about broad and profound Chinese culture. For more information, please visit