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Change of Personal Particulars

Registered readers may choose any one of the following methods to inform the Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) of any changes in their personal particulars including address and telephone number:

  1. Notification in Person: Submit in person a completed and signed "Reporting Loss/Replacement of Library Card or Change of Personal Particulars Form" (Form No.: LCS 111) to any branch of the HKPL. Produce valid proof of identity for immediate verification and update. The form can be obtained from any branch of the HKPL or downloaded from here.
  2. Notification in Writing: Notify in writing any branch of the HKPL of the change(s) required. Make sure the notification bears the reader's signature and contact telephone number. The signature and personal particulars in the notification will be verified against the filed records of the HKPL. The HKPL will contact the reader for confirmation before updating the records. All library postal addresses / fax numbers are available at here.
  3. Electronic Notification (e-Cert required): Submit via email an electronically-completed and signed "Reporting Loss/Replacement of Library Card or Change of Personal Particulars Form (with e-Cert)" (Form No.: LCS051) to for processing. For details, please click here.
  4. GovHK (library password required): Go to the GovHK website at for updating address online. The service allows members of the public to update their address records with various government departments and NGOs at one go.
    Note: For applicants who forget their library passwords, please contact the staff of any branch of the HKPL.

Mail Items with Insufficient Postage
To contact the Hong Kong Public Libraries by post, please make sure that all mail items bear sufficient postage. The Hong Kong Public Libraries will not accept any underpaid mail items and such items will be handled by the Hongkong Post. For calculation of postage, please refer to the Hongkong Post’s website