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Hong Kong Exchanges Collection

Start date:

August 1991


Information on the stock market and listed companies of Hong Kong.


Central Reference Library on 8/F of the Hong Kong Central Library, and respective Reference Libraries of the City Hall Public Library and the Sha Tin Public Library.


Reference Materials, available for public access in the library.


Formerly known as the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Collection, it was donated to the City Hall Public Library in August 1991 by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) under the Stock Market Information Donation Programme. With the merging of the SEHK, the Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited and the Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited into the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) in March 2000, it was renamed the Hong Kong Exchanges Collection.

Under the same donation programme, the Collection has been made available for public access in the Sha Tin Public Library since August 1995 and the Hong Kong Central Library since its opening in May 2001.

The materials contained in the Collection fall into three main categories:

(1) Archives of former stock exchanges

The four former stock exchanges in Hong Kong were the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Far East Exchange, the Kam Ngan Stock Exchange and the Kowloon Stock Exchange. The archives of these exchanges comprise mainly market statistics and trading records, providing valuable information on the history of the Hong Kong stock market.

(2) Information on listed companies

It comprises mainly:

  • annual and interim reports;
  • prospectuses;  and
  • proposals and shareholder circulars regarding corporate activities, including rights issues, discloseable transactions, takeovers, mergers, restructurings, etc.

The HKEX has established a dedicated website named HKEXnews for the dissemination of issuer information, allowing public access to information on listed companies issued from 1999 onwards. Since 2016, the HKEX has ceased the donation of related information, which is now available to readers on the HKEXnews website.

(3) HKEX and SEHK publications

The publications cover the rules of the Exchanges, the rules governing the listing of securities, statistics, research reports, etc. Since the HKEX has established a dedicated website to provide information for public access, related donation has ceased since 2016. Readers may visit the HKEX website for current information.

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