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More public libraries and services to be reopened from 3 April onwards

The Hong Kong Central Library (HKCL), six major and 31 district libraries have been reopened earlier. From 3 April, all small libraries will be reopened. More services and facilities including newspapers and periodicals services, reference library and partial computer facilities in all libraries will also be resumed. All libraries will implement special opening hours, limit the number of people entering the library and adopt other precautionary measures (including users are required to scan the "LeaveHomeSafe" QR code or register their names, contact number and the date and time of the visit before admission). From 7 April, the HKCL and six major libraries will resume normal opening hours with arrangement of cleaning session. Please refer to the library notice on the Details.

Hong Kong Public libraries has resumed calculation of overdue fines from 5 March, except for mobile libraries. Patrons are advised to return their overdue items as soon as possible to avoid incurring overdue fines. Patrons are advised to renew or return their borrowed items on time to avoid incurring overdue fines.

The Strategic Plan of Hong Kong Public Libraries (2020-2025)


In consultation with the Public Libraries Advisory Committee, the Hong Kong Public Libraries has formulated the following strategic plan to guide its development in the coming six years.





We aim to provide quality public library services to promote city-wide reading culture in Hong Kong.


  1. To enable access by providing a wide network of public libraries as well as free and equitable access to information and knowledge of diverse points of views to serve all residents of Hong Kong.
  2. To enrich knowledge by providing a gateway to information and knowledge for supporting and encouraging lifelong learning.
  3. To cultivate quality of life by enriching the documentary heritage of the history and culture of Hong Kong and promote Hong Kong literature and local publications.
  4. To inspire curiosity and creativity through reading.
  5. To enhance quality of library services by leveraging on new technology and the use of IT.
  6. To build connection and engagement through public involvement and partnership in public library services.
The Strategic Plan of Hong Kong Public Libraries 2020-2025
The Strategic Plan of Hong Kong Public Libraries (2020-2025)

Key Strategies

  1. To provide an accessible, user friendly and technology enabled network of public libraries to serve all residents of Hong Kong.
  2. To further develop library services for different user segments.
  3. To provide ready access to global information and knowledge.
  4. To support and encourage lifelong learning through a wide range of collections and services.
  5. To bring culture to the community.
  6. To further develop the Hong Kong Central Library as a territory-wide institution for learning, information, documentary heritage preservation and cultural interchange.
  7. To further enhance the promotion of Hong Kong literature.
  8. To bring a culture of reading to different levels of the community.
  9. To use technology to enhance the services, facilities, service quality, cost effectiveness and customer friendliness of the libraries to promote city-wide reading culture and support Hong Kong’s development as a smart city.
  10. To serve the community, especially special groups, by partnering with NGOs.
  11. To market the library services to different user segments.