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Latest arrangements on services of Hong Kong Public Libraries


In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, the Government has announced further tightening of social distancing measures and its intention to maintain the relevant measures till April 20. All public libraries and their students’ study room, mobile libraries of the LCSD will continue to be temporarily closed. Book drop services of the Hong Kong public libraries (including the book drop services at MTR Central, Kowloon Tong and Nam Cheong stations) as well as self-service library stations at Island East Sports Centre Sitting-out Area, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Tsuen Nam Road, Tai Wai will maintain services.

During the closure period, all programmes and activities held at public libraries will be cancelled or postponed. Overdue fines will not be generated for late return of library materials, the due date of reservation pick up will be extended accordingly.

The following online services will continue to be provided:

  1. Library Catalogue
  2. Borrowers' Record Enquiry
  3. Reservation of Library Materials
  4. Internet and Telephone Renewal
  5. Library mobile app services (‘My Library')
  6. Electronic Resources (including e-books and online databases)
        - Content Highlights
        - Good Reads@e-Reading
        - Special Arrangement : some e-Databases are available from library to remote access for a limited period
  7. LCSD Edutainment Channel (Please click here for browsing)
        - Online Reading and Library Activities
  8. 101 Academy (Please click here for browsing)
        - Appreciation of Literature (Content in Cantonese)
        - Literary Map of Hong Kong (Content in Cantonese)


Will book drop service be provided in all libraries?

The book drop service of all Hong Kong public libraries (including the book drops located at MTR Central, Kowloon Tong and Nam Cheong stations) will maintain. With effect from 7 January 2022, the book drop service will be available 24 hours or during the opening hours of the premises where it is located. Please refer to the attached timetable. All borrowed library materials, including non-print materials such as cassette, CD, etc., can be returned through the book drop. The concerned loan record will be updated within 48 hours.

What kind of services will be provided at self-service library stations?

Self-service library stations will continue to provide round-the-clock library services which include borrowing, return, payment and pickup of reserved library materials.

How to return borrowed library materials which cannot be renewed? Will overdue fines be incurred for overdue items?

Readers can return borrowed items through library book drops (including the book drops located at MTR Central, Kowloon Tong and Nam Cheong stations) and self-service library stations. During the temporary closure of libraries, overdue fines will not be incurred.

Why readers still receive overdue notices during the closure of libraries?

Library notices are issued by the library system automatically according to the loan records of readers in the system. It aims to remind readers to return the overdue items. Readers may return borrowed library materials through book drops and library stations. During the temporary closure of libraries, overdue fines will not be incurred.

What should readers do if reserved library materials could not be collected during the temporary closure of public libraries?

The pick-up expiry date of reserved items will be extended through the library system during the temporary closure of libraries. Readers can check the extended expiry date by login to their online patron accounts or through the ‘My Library’ mobile app or contact the pick-up library for any enquiries.