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Chinese e-Books 2023

Item Title Author Usage e-Book Collection
1 原子習慣:細微改變帶來巨大成就的實證法則 詹姆斯.克利爾(James Clear)作;蔡世偉譯 8,091 HyRead ebook
2 被討厭的勇氣:自我啟發之父「阿德勒」的教導 岸見一郎, 古賀史健著;葉小燕譯 7,693 HyRead ebook
3 超治癒の小毛球樂園. 3, 家有櫻花雪米糍 卡奇繪著 7,412 SUEP e-Book
4 麵包狗:住在麵包屋的小狗狗們 kodama圖.文;高雅溎翻譯 4,310 HyRead ebook
5 微表情心理學:入門觀察攻略 戴琦著 3,709 SUEP e-Book
6 歡迎光臨夢境百貨:您所訂購的夢已銷售一空 李美芮(이미예)作;林芳如譯 3,460 HyRead ebook
7 燒腦IQ大作戰. 1 世界仔編繪 3,363

Pop-up e-Book

Readers can access to this e-book at "JoyReadClub" e-Book starting from 30.5.2024.

8 6分鐘日記的魔法:最簡單的書寫, 改變你的一生 多明尼克.斯賓斯特(Dominik Spenst)作;吳宜蓁譯 3,063 HyRead ebook
9 電影版 角落小夥伴 魔法繪本裡的新朋友:紙上電影書 角落小夥伴小組(SAN-X)原作;高雅溎翻譯 2,895 HyRead ebook
10 超治癒の小毛球樂園. 2, 宅男與他的好動鼠 卡爾文;卡奇圖 2,865 SUEP e-Book


English e-Books 2023

Item Title Author Usage e-Book Collection
1 A New World Power: America from 1920 to 1945 Britannica Education 537 Britannica Collective
2 America Between the Civil War and the 20th Century: 1865 to 1900 Britannica Education 376 Britannica Collective
3 El océano (Ocean) Charles Reasoner 330 Britannica Collective
4 Animales bebés (Animal Babies) Charles Reasoner 226 Britannica Collective
5 American Indians of California, the Great Basin, and the Southwest Britannica Education 212 Britannica Collective
6 The Getaway Kinney, Jeff 194 OverDrive eBooks
7 The Arts Britannica Education 188 Britannica Collective
8 Legends, Myths, and Folktales Britannica Education 172 Britannica Collective
9 The Deep End Jeff Kinney 167 OverDrive eBooks
10 The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness Morgan Housel 157 OverDrive eBooks