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Chinese e-Books 2022

Item Title Author Usage e-Book Collection
1 原子習慣:細微改變帶來巨大成就的實證法則 詹姆斯.克利爾(James Clear) 8,335 HyRead ebook
2 被討厭的勇氣:自我啟發之父「阿德勒」的教導 岸見一郎, 古賀史健 8,294 HyRead ebook
3 鬼屋美人魚:人類構造的演化與返祖現象 胡妙芬 5,669 HyRead ebook
4 歡迎光臨夢境百貨:您所訂購的夢已銷售一空 李美芮(이미예) 5,517 HyRead ebook
5 搶飯吃的外星人 張冬梅 5,264 HyRead ebook
6 角落小夥伴的生活之角落小夥伴名言. 2 SAN-X監修 4,592 HyRead ebook
7 小小的我 艾瑪.達德(Emma Dodd) 4,451 HyRead ebook
8 不要跟我說話! 辛復男(신복남) 4,311 HyRead ebook
9 末日恐龍王:地球的五次生物大滅絕 胡妙芬 4,303 HyRead ebook
10 綿羊理髮廳 澀谷純子 4,087 HyRead ebook


English e-Books 2022

Item Title Author Usage e-Book Collection
1 5 Minute Really True Stories for Bedtime Britannica Books 289 Britannica Collective
2 The Day the Towers Fell Read-Along eBook Schwartz, Heather 223 OverDrive eBooks
3 1, 2, 3, Go! Marcia S. Freeman 202 Britannica Collective
4 The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: The Next Chapter Kinney, Jeff 195 OverDrive eBooks
5 Principles of Chemistry Franceschetti, Donald R 188 eBooks on EBSCOhost
6 The Getaway (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 12) Kinney, Jeff 171 OverDrive eBooks
7 Pray for a Fire Drill Peirce, Lincoln 160 OverDrive eBooks
8 Big Nate Makes a Splash Peirce, Lincoln 158 OverDrive eBooks
9 Mighty Pup Power! Nickelodeon Publishing 152 OverDrive eBooks
10 Dibs on This Chair Peirce, Lincoln 151 OverDrive eBooks