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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is there any difference between the circulation policy of the Library-on-Wheels and that of general public libraries?

A1: Holders of valid library cards issued by the HKPL, identity cards allowed for library purposes, or library cards/borrower's cards issued by the two former Municipal Council Public Libraries may borrow and return books at the Library-on-Wheels. Each registered reader may borrow a maximum of 8 books for a period of 14 days. An overdue fine is imposed on each and every loan item and accompanying library material returned late. The charge is $1.5 per day or part of a day for each loan item or accompanying library material borrowed from an adult library and $0.5 for that borrowed from a young adult or children's library.


Q2: How to return books borrowed from the Library-on-Wheels?

A2: Patrons should return books borrowed from the Library-on-Wheels to any public libraries before the due date. Each book may be renewed for up to 5 consecutive times for a period of 14 days for each renewal. Library books can be renewed in person at libraries, via “My Library” mobile App, by telephone, or through the Internet. Since the book may not be renewed for other reasons, it is recommended that renewal via mobile app, by telephone or through the Internet be made at least one working day before the due date to allow time for the punctual return of the book in case renewal is unsuccessful.

(A 24-hour renewal service is available by telephone on 2827 2833 / 2698 0002 or through the Internet at


Q3: Can patrons renew library materials, pick up reserved items or settle overdue fines for library materials at the Library-on-Wheels?

A3: To promote self-service, the Library-on-Wheels is equipped with a Self-charging Terminal and a bookdrop. Patrons, however, cannot pick up reserved items on board. They may renew library materials or settle overdue fines through the official mobile app “My Library” or the HKPL webpage. Please contact Ambassadors on board for enquiries, if necessary.


Q4: How to borrow library books from the Self-charging Terminal?

A4: Patrons holding a valid library card issued by the HKPL or a registered Smart Identity Card (ID Card) may use the Self-charging Terminal at the Library-on-Wheels to borrow library books. The steps are as follows:

  1. Select language;
  2. Put your library card under the red scanner light (with the barcode facing upwards) or insert your Smart ID Card into the card reader;
  3. Enter the password, then remove your library card or Smart ID Card as instructed;
  4. Put the book on the grey grid of the Self-charging Terminal for detection;
  5. Read and check if the book title on the screen is correct;
  6. Upon completion of the checking-out procedures, choose whether to print a receipt or not.

Hong Kong Public Libraries- Smart (RFID) Self-Checkout


Q5: How long does it take to update the loan record of a patron who has returned books through the bookdrop of the Library-on-Wheels? Can patrons borrow library materials if their loan records have not yet been updated?

A5: Loan records of patrons will be updated on the next working day after the books are returned through the bookdrop of the Library-on-Wheels. Patrons may check their updated loan records through the 24-hour enquiry services of the HKPL. Details are as follows:
Telephone Enquiry: 2827 2833/ 2698 0002

If patrons would like to borrow library materials with the quota of the returned books on the same day, they should return library materials at the service counter of branch libraries direct for an instant update of their loan records. Please contact Ambassadors on board for enquiries, if necessary.


Q6: Why can’t patrons browse or search the collection of the Library-on-Wheels from the Library Catalogue?

A6: The Library-on-Wheels visits different locations with a selection of about 300 lending books which meet the needs of different users, having regard to the district profile, usage pattern and facilities in the vicinity. Patrons may browse its collection directly on board.


Q7: What electronic resources does the HKPL offer?

A7: The HKPL offers more than 310 000 e-books and 77 e-databases. In addition to online reading, patrons may download some of the e-books and e-magazines to their mobile devices so that they can read anytime, anywhere during the loan period even without internet coverage.

To learn more, click here to view the “Hong Kong Public Libraries Electronic Resources”.


Q8: Why does the HKPL launch the "Joyful Reading at Your Neighbourhood: Library-on-Wheels" Pilot Project?

A8: To further promote a city-wide reading culture, the HKPL launches the pilot project for a period of around 3 years. The Library-on-Wheels tours locations with heavier pedestrian flow but far from existing library facilities in a convenient manner in order to introduce a selection of thematic books to non-frequent library users. Ambassadors on board can help promote library self-charging service, e-books, electronic resources and online services. In addition, the Library-on-Wheels can be deployed to tie in with major community events to promote reading for all.


Q9: How to determine the programme schedule and locations of the Library-on-Wheels?

A9: The Library-on-Wheels tours locations with heavier pedestrian flow but far from existing library facilities in a convenient manner to promote library services and resources through a selection of thematic books and Ambassadors on board. Free parking and electricity supply for the Library-on-Wheels, a truck of 5.5 tonnes (approximately 770 (L) x 260 (W) x 330 (H) cm), with ample space for the safe boarding and alighting of users is a prerequisite. In determining the programme schedule and locations of the Library-on-Wheels, the HKPL has given due consideration to such factors as community needs and facilities of the venues.