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Latest arrangements on services of Hong Kong Public Libraries

In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) will adopt further measures to maintain social distancing. From 10 December 2020 (Thursday), all public libraries and their students’ study rooms and mobile libraries will be temporarily closed until further notice. Book drops of the Hong Kong Public Libraries and those located at MTR Central, Kowloon Tong and Nam Cheong stations as well as the self-service library stations (at Island East Sports Centre Sitting-out Area, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Tsuen Nam Road, Tai Wai) will continue to provide service. Public libraries will continue to provide online services such as e-Books and e-Databases. During the period, overdue fines will not be generated for late return of library materials, and due date of reservation pick up will be extended accordingly. Please refer to the library notice on the special arrangements details.


Hong Kong Central Library Guided Tour for Schools and Organisations




Library Guided Tours

To acquaint readers with the library facilities and services provided, and to help them sharpen their self-learning skills and make full use of library resources for the purpose of lifelong learning, the Hong Kong Central Library (HKCL) offers free library guided tours for schools, registered charitable organisations, and registered non-profit-making organisations.


  1. When should interested schools or organisations submit their applications?

    The guided tours are scheduled on the basis of an academic year (i.e. from 1 September of one year to 31 August of the next). Interested schools or organisations can submit their applications one month before the start of an academic year (i.e. 1 August) at the earliest, and four weeks before the date of visit at the latest. 
  2. How to book a library guided tour?

    Initial booking should be made by calling the User Education Unit of the HKCL at least four weeks before the date of visit. The applicant should then submit the completed application form together with copies of supporting documents to the User Education Unit either by fax or by mail. All applications are handled on a first-come-first-served basis. 
  3. When will the visit arrangements be confirmed?

    Confirmation will be given by fax at least two weeks before the date of visit. 
  4. Is there any quota for a guided tour? If yes, what if the number of participants exceeds the quota?

    The maximum number of participants for each guided tour is 30. For any visiting school or organisation with more than 30 participants, two or more guided tours departing at different times may be arranged. 
  5. How long does a guided tour last?

    Each guided tour lasts about an hour. 
  6. What does a guided tour cover?

    The tour contents vary according to the age groups of the participants. Major activities include showing the participants around different floors of the HKCL for an overview of its facilities and services and giving demonstrations of how to use the electronic resources available, such as the General Introduction to Library Catalogue, Multimedia Information System (MMIS), e-books, electronic news databases, etc. 
  7. Are there any parking spaces for coaches?

    There are no parking spaces for public use at the car park of the HKCL. Coaches hired by visiting schools or organisations can set down and pick up passengers at the car park, but prior arrangement with the library is required. 
  8. Can participants take photographs in the HKCL?

    Photography is not allowed in the HKCL lest it should cause disturbance to other library users. 
  9. Can the general public join the library guided tours?

    Apart from guided tours for schools and organisations, regular guided tours for the general public are also organised every month. Interested parties may contact the User Education Unit for details. 
  10. How to contact the User Education Unit of the HKCL?

    Address: G/F, Hong Kong Central Library, 66 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    Tel.: 2921 0563
    Fax: 2504 1310