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Hong Kong Central Library Enquiry Phone List

Enquiry Phone List

Reader may approach enquiry counters at the Hong Kong Central Library for help or dial the following enquiry telephone numbers:

Department / ServiceTelephone number
School and Organization Visits 2921 0563
Hiring Facilities 2921 0503
Library Activities 2921 0535
10/F Arts Resource Centre 2921 0259
8/F Hong Kong Literature Room 2921 0323
8-9/F Central Reference Library 2921 0222
6/F Language Learning Centre 2921 0343
6/F Audio-visual Library 2921 0340
6/F Young Adult Library 2921 0335
5/F Computer and Information Centre 2921 0348
5/F Map Library 2921 0351
5/F Current Newspapers and Periodicals Reading Area 2921 0349
4/F Back Issues of Newspapers and Periodicals Reading Area 2921 0355
3/F Adult Lending Library 2921 0372
2/F Children's Multimedia Room 2921 0375
2/F Toy Library 2921 0386
2/F Children's Library 2921 0385
1/F Circulation Unit 2921 0528
G/F User Education Unit 2921 0563
General Enquiry 3150 1234*

   Suggestions, comments and enquiries about Hong Kong Central Library services or Hong Kong Central Library collections may be sent via fax to 2881 5500 or email to

* The Hotline 3150 1234 is currently handled by the "1823" of the Government. Agents of the "1823" will handle your enquiries or complaints as soon as possible or forward the case to concerned library staff to follow up. You can choose to use Cantonese, Putonghua or English to make your enquiries or complaints. If the line is busy, you may leave your message with the phone recorder and agents of "1823" will call back as soon as possible.

   During library opening hours, you can also choose to contact staff of the Hong Kong Central Library directly through this Hotline. Please dial 3150 1234 and select language. Press “2” to get information on the telephone numbers for hiring venues, library visit and various sections of the Library. After selecting the service you enquired, you can choose to transfer your call to the section immediately and contact the duty staff.