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Some Public libraries to be reopened from 17 September onwards

Self-service library stations and book drop service have been resumed on 2 September.  From 17 September, the Hong Kong Central Library, six major libraries and 31 district libraries will be partially reopened. The libraries will implement special opening hours, arrange sessional admission, limit the number of people entering the library and adopt other precautionary measures. Lending and returning of library materials and picking up reserved library materials will be offered. Library facilities to be reopened include adult library, young adult library, children's library, reference library, some of the computer facilities and Students’ Study Room. Other facilities including newspapers and periodicals area and hiring facilities, etc. will remain closed. Please refer to the Details.

With the resumption of book drop service, self-service library stations and reopening of the aforesaid libraries, the maximum number of renewal will resume to five consecutive times from 23 September except for item which is reserved by another reader. Other public libraries and their students’ study rooms, and mobile libraries will continue to be temporarily closed until further notice. Overdue fines will not be generated for late return of library materials, and due date of reservation pick up will be extended accordingly.

Tai Yuen Estate

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday
  • 02:30 p.m. - 06:00 p.m.
Service Available

From 17 September, a total of 38 public libraries have been partially reopened with limited services and Special Opening Hours. Details

Arrangements for opening of public libraries under inclement weather

Tai Yuen Estate(Mobile Library 11)


Playground adjacent to Tai Man House, Tai Yuen Estate, Tai Po


2479 1055


Except library closing day or public holidays, libraries will be closed at 5:00pm on the following days: New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year's Eve, Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas Eve.


Bus Route Nos.: 65K, 71B, 71K, 72A, 72X, 73, 73X, 74C, 74K, 74X, 75K, 75X,  265S, 271, 272P, 307, 307P, E41, N42A, N271
Green Minibus Route Nos.: 20A, 20B, 20C, 20K