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Some Public libraries reopened from 17 September onwards

Self-service library stations and book drop service have been resumed on 2 September.  From 17 September, the Hong Kong Central Library, six major libraries and 31 district libraries have been partially reopened. The libraries will implement special opening hours, arrange sessional admission, limit the number of people entering the library and adopt other precautionary measures. Lending and returning of library materials and picking up reserved library materials will be offered. Library facilities reopened include adult library, young adult library, children's library, reference library, some of the computer facilities and Students’ Study Room. In addition, newspapers and periodicals services will be resumed from 23 September. Please refer to the Details.

With the resumption of book drop service, self-service library stations and reopening of the aforesaid libraries, the maximum number of renewal will resume to five consecutive times from 23 September except for item which is reserved by another reader. Other public libraries and their students’ study rooms, and mobile libraries will continue to be temporarily closed until further notice. Overdue fines will not be generated for late return of library materials, and due date of reservation pick up will be extended accordingly.

World Bank Depository Collection

Start date:

October 1992 

Coverage: All current publications & other information products produced by the Bank, including books published for the Bank by university presses, country and economic studies, technical papers, annual reports and statistical publications.
Location: Central Reference Library , 8/F of Hong Kong Central Library
Type: Reference Material, available for public use in the library
Introduction: The World Bank Collection contains all current publications and information products produced by the bank, including country and economic studies, research projects, technical papers, annual reports and statistical publications providing demographic data, economic, financial and social indicators, as well as books published for the Bank by university presses. Since 1992, the depository collection has acquired some 3,000 volumes. Among the most widely consulted World Bank publications are the "World Development Report", "World Resources", "World Bank Economic Review" and "Commodity markets and the developing countries: a World Bank Business Quarterly."
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New Additions:

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January-June 2019

July-December 2019

January-June 2020


Please call (852) 2921 0222 or using the Ask a Librarian – Internet Reference Enquiry Service .