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To tie in with the arrangement under the "Preparedness and Response Plan for Novel Infectious Disease of Public Health Significance" and avoid people from gathering, public libraries and their students’ study room, mobile libraries will continue to be temporarily closed. Programmes held at these venues will be cancelled. During the period, online services will continue to be provided. Overdue fines will not be generated for late return of library materials, the maximum number of renewal and due date of reservation pick up will be increased and extended accordingly. Please refer to the Details below.  The book drop service of public libraries will resume gradually starting on February 26. The book drop service of Hong Kong Public Libraries will resume at 8 a.m. on February 26, while the book drop service at MTR Central, Kowloon Tong and Nam Cheong stations will resume on February 29. Details.


21 October 2014 (Tuesday)
9:30 Opening Ceremony of the 10th CCDSCR
10:45 Tea Break
Keynote Speech (Moderator: Dr. CHENG Po-ying, Sidney)
11:15 Topic: The NLB Digital Strategy –– Connecting People, Knowledge and Nation
Speaker: Mr. KIA Siang-hock (Deputy Director, Technology & Innovation, National Library Board, Singapore)
12:00 Conclusion by the moderator and Q&A session
12:30 End of the morning session
1st session of Topical Reports (Moderator: Dr. WONG Kuok-keung, Raymond)
14:00 Topic 1: Library Resources Building and Service Development: A Hint from the China Memory Project
Speaker: Ms. TANG Geng-sheng (Director, Social Education Department, NLC)
14:25 Topic 2: Cultural Marketing: From Digitizing Collections to Globalized Sharing of Special Collections
Speakers: Ms. WU Ying-mei (Deputy Director General, Centre for Chinese Studies, Taiwan)

Ms. SUNG Mei-chen (Editor, Reader Services Division, Centre for Chinese Studies, Taiwan)

14:50 Topic 3: The Experience and Challenges of Developing the Hong Kong Literature Database
Speakers: Mr. Leo F. H. MA (Head of New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library & United College Wu

Chung Multimedia Library, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Mr. LAM Chun-kwong (Head of Special Collections, University Library System, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

15:15 Conclusion by the moderator and Q&A session
15:45 Tea Break
2nd session of Topical Reports (Moderator: Mr. XIAO Qun)
16:00 Topic 4: The Cross-over of Digital Cooperations -- Metadata Standard Research for the Digitization and Preservation of Artifacts
Speaker: Ms. XIAO Long (Deputy Director, The Peking University Library)
16:25 Topic 5: Progress Report of the Chinese Name Authority Joint Database Search System (CNASS)
Speaker: Ms. Patti P.C. CHEUNG (Head of Technical Services, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library)
16:50 : Topic 6: Digitization Projects of the Harvard-Yenching Library
Speaker: Dr. James K.M. CHENG (Librarian, Harvard-Yenching Library, Harvard University)
17:15   Topic 7: Participate and Share: Hong Kong Academic Libraries and CADAL
Speaker: Dr. Y. C. WAN (Deputy Librarian, The University of Hong Kong Libraries)
17:45 : Conclusion by the moderator and Q&A session
18:10 : End of the 1st day conference
22 October 2014 (Wednesday)
3rd session of Topical Reports (Moderator: Dr. ZHOU Yuan)
14:00 : Topic 8: Vitalization of Ancient Books -- Digitization Project of the Hok Hoi Collection
Speakers: Mr. Daniel LI (General Reference Librarian, Hong Kong Central Library)

Ms. YIP Wing-shan ( General Reference Librarian, Hong Kong Central Library)

14:25 : Topic 9: The Self-Constructed Databases in the Libraries of Macau
Speaker: Ms. IP Ka-wun, Gloria (Council Member, Macao Library & Information Management Association)
14:50 : Topic 10: iAuthor and the China Scientist Online Services
Speaker: Dr. SUN Tan (Deputy Director, The National Science Library, CAS)
15:15 : Conclusion by the moderator and Q&A session
15:45 : Tea Break
CCDSCR Concluding Reports (Moderator: Ms. WU Ying-mei)
16:00 : Concluding Report 1: The Construction of the Federated Platform for Chinese Academic Institutional Repository
Speaker: Dr. CHEN Kuang-hua (Associate University Librarian, Library of Taiwan University)
16:25 : Concluding Report 2: The Intention and Practice of the Collaborative Project on Chinese Music Resources -- Using “The Online Database of Taiwanese Musicians” as Discussion Sample
Speakers: Dr. HUANG Chun-zen (Director, Digital Archive Centre for Music, Taiwan Normal


Prof. QIAN Renping (Director, Scientific Research Office, Shanghai Conservatory of Music)

16:50 : Conclusion by the moderator and Q&A session
17:20 : Concluding remarks by the representative of the CCDSCR Council
17:35 : Closing remarks by the representative of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR
17:45 : End of the 10th CCDSCR


(Conference will be conducted in Putonghua and English. Simultaneous interpretation in English and Putonghua will be provided.)