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Activity Room at Hong Kong Central Library

Seating capacity / Area

Activity Room 1
Seating capacity: 80
Area: 100m2

Activity Room 2
Seating capacity: 30
Area: 76m2


  • Lectures 
  • Seminars 
  • Conferences 
  • Workshops 
  • Rehearsals



All activities to be held at the Activity Room of the Hong Kong Central Library should be relating to arts, education, literary arts, library services or government services.



  • Sound system 
  • LCD video projector
  • Video conferencing system


Download Activity Room Layout Plan

Download Activity Room 1 Setup Layout Plan

Download Activity Room 2 Setup Layout Plan

Download Activity Room Basic Technical Information

Booking Arrangements

Scales of Hire Charges

Conditions of Use

Concessionary Rates for Non-profit Organisations Scheme

Application for Ordinary / Late / Special Booking

Activity Room 1 (1)
Activity Room 1 (2)
Activity Room 2 (1)
Activity Room 2 (2)