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Business and Industry Library

The Business and Industry Library located on the 11th floor of the City Hall Public Library was put into operation in September 2003.  In addition to reference books on business and industry, the Library stocks materials such as journals, microforms, online databases and other electronic resources to serve the business and industry sectors as well as members of the public who are interested in these subjects.

Available Resources

The Business and Industry Library Collection mainly covers the following materials:

  • Reference books on business and industry: books on finance, banking, securities, insurance, logistics, business management, trade regulations, industrial technology, manufacturing industries, etc.;
  • Journals on business and industry: journals in Chinese and English from the Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas provide up-to-date information and research reports on business and industry of various countries and regions;
  • e-Databases: Provision of timely and easily retrievable information on regional analysis, economic indicators, statistical data, market research reports, company profiles, trade regulations, etc.; and
  • Information on listed companies in Hong Kong: the Hong Kong Exchanges Collection contains information such as IPOs, daily quotations, annual reports, etc. of listed companies in Hong Kong.

In addition, the Hong Kong Collection of the City Hall Public Library (Reference Library) contains directories, annual reports, statistical reports and government publications on relevant trades.

Location & Opening Hours

The Business and Industry Library is located at:
City Hall Public Library
11/F, City Hall High Block, Central,
Hong Kong.
Tel.: (852) 2921 2672

Opening Hours