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FAQ - "Print with Ease"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is “Print with Ease” service?
A1: “Print with Ease” is a flexible self-printing service. When using the computer printing facilities of the library, users can choose to pay by Octopus and collect their printout at the “Self-service Print Station (Octopus)” or choose to pay cash and collect the printout at Counter Print Station with staff assistance.

Q2: Why does the library launch the “Print with Ease” service?
A2: “Print with Ease” service aims to provide users with a more user-friendly and efficient self-printing service.

Q3: Which libraries provide the “Print with Ease” service?
A3: “Print with Ease” service is available in all Hong Kong Public Libraries except South Lamma and Sha Tau Kok Public Libraries.

Q4: How to use “Print with Ease” service?
A4: When printing at the computer workstations, users should select the print options (e.g. paper size, color etc.) and assign their own User ID and Password for identification.

If printing in A4 B&W, users can go to the “Self-service Print Station (Octopus)” and login with their self-assigned User ID and Password, and then select/ preview the print job(s) before confirming payment by Octopus and collecting the printout and receipt.

For cash payment, color or A3 printing, users should go to the “Counter Print Station”, and ask for assistance from counter staff.

Q5: Is registration required for the use of “Print with Ease” service?
A5: No registration is required. Users are only required to assign their own User ID and Password for each print job submitted, in order to facilitate the procedures for self printing process and Octopus payment.

Q6: How much would be charged for printing through “Print with Ease” service?
A6: There are printing charges for using the printing facilities in the library to make printout(s). For details, please refer to the Library Fees and Charges.

Q7: Why users are required to assign their own User ID and Password for each print job submitted?
A7: This helps ensure that the print job(s) submitted to the system could only be viewed or printed by respective users. Hence, users should be careful in assigning the User ID and Password, and avoid using the same User ID and Password as others.

Q8: Apart from Octopus, can users pay the print charges by cash?
A8: If users choose to pay by cash, they can go to the service counter and provide the staff with details of the print jobs. The staff would arrange printing and collection of charges according to the details provided.

Q9: Does the “Print with Ease” System keep the print job(s) of users?
A9: In order to allow sufficient time for completion of printing, print jobs submitted but not yet printed would be valid for 3 hours. For job(s) already printed, they will only be retained for purpose of reprint by respective users on the same day, and all the jobs will then be automatically deleted afterward.

Q10: Can users delete their print job(s) submitted?
A10: Users can use their self-assigned User ID and Password to login the “Self-service Print Station (Octopus)” to delete their own print job(s).

Q11: Can users reprint their printed job(s)?
A11: Users can use their self-assigned User ID and Password to login the “Self-service Print Station (Octopus)” to reprint their printed job(s). Users can also go to the service counter to seek assistance from library staff by providing details of reprint jobs.