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How to renew borrowed library materials via the Internet




How to renew borrowed library materials via the Internet

  1. Access the Hong Kong Public Libraries homepage at .
  2. Go to My Account / Renewal input box on homepage or click My Account on the floating menu.
  3. Enter your library card number or Hong Kong ID Card Number*.
  4. Enter your Internet “Password” or the last four digits of your registered telephone number. Then click Login .
  5. Select My Account , then click Checked Out .
  6. Select the checkbox(es) under Select for Renewal for the item(s) you would like to renew or click Select Page . Then click Renew Selected Items . (A library item can be renewed only if a checkbox appears beside the item.)
  7. A Transaction Reference Number and a new due date for the renewed item(s) will be displayed on the screen when the renewal procedure is completed. You are advised to record the Transaction Reference Number for future enquiry, return to “My Account” to check if there is any item(s) not yet returned successfully and to check “Account” balance after renewal.
  8. Click Logout to end the renewal service.
    * For readers who have applied for using their smart ID cards for the library services only.

Notes for the Renewal of Borrowed Library Materials via the Internet

  1. The online renewal service is available 24 hours a day.
  2. A Transaction Reference Number and a new due date for each renewed item will be displayed on the screen when the renewal procedure is completed.
  3. Library items borrowed as a set (e.g. a book with a CD-ROM or a map, etc.) will be renewed together by the system. If any item cannot be renewed due to the reasons specified in Note 5 below, the whole set will not be renewed.
  4. Readers are advised to renew their loan items online at least one working day before the due date, so that they can return the items to a nearby public library in time in case the renewal is unsuccessful.
  5. Readers may renew overdue library items online or through “My Library” mobile app.  However, the items CANNOT be renewed under the following circumstances:
    • They have been reserved by another reader, but no other copies are available for loan; or
    • They have been renewed consecutively for 5 times; or
    • If the main item of a set of library materials has been returned, the accompanying material(s) cannot be renewed separately; or
    • The outstanding charge of any item or the total outstanding charges in the account has/have reached the ceiling amount/exceeded the overdue time limit; or
    • There is an outstanding item in the account which has exceeded the overdue time limit; or
    • The account has been suspended due to any other reasons (e.g. the library card has been reported lost).  Please contact library staff for details.
  6. A new loan period of 14 days is calculated from the day the item is renewed. The new due date will not be extended even if an early renewal is made. For example, if an item due for return on the 8th day of the month is renewed on the 6th day, the new due date will be the 20th day instead of the 22nd day.
  7. All loan items which cannot be renewed should be returned to the Hong Kong Public Libraries by the due date. An overdue charge will be made for items returned late.
  8. The Internet “Password” is used only for accessing online services such as online renewal and reservation of library materials. To login to the Telephone Renewal System, readers should use the “Personal Identification Number” (PIN) or the last four digits of their registered telephone number.
  9. For enquiries, please call 2928 4547 during office hours.