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Conditions of Use of the Computer and Information Centre / Area

  1. The library provides free computer facilities for the public. Any person aged 12 or above is welcome to use the facilities.
  2. Prior registration for the use of computer facilities is required. To register, valid identification documents such as Library Cards issued by the Hong Kong Public Libraries or Hong Kong Identity Cards shall be produced.
  3. Eligible users may make reservation by phone or in person no more than seven days prior to and inclusive of the intended date of use; or they may register on site for the use of any unreserved workstations. Each eligible user may register for or reserve a maximum of two one-hour sessions per day.
  4. For users who fail to turn up within 10 minutes from the starting time of their reserved sessions, their reservations shall be cancelled. The session(s) reserved, whether a single session or two consecutive sessions, shall be reallocated to other eligible users in the queue.
  5. Users are strictly prohibited from sending any unsolicited electronic message (whether of commercial or non-commercial nature) via the library network or accessing webpages containing materials which are obscene, indecent, violent, disgusting, libellous, threatening or discriminatory in nature or engaging in online games or gambling. In addition, they are not allowed to bring their own CDs, CD-ROMs (except those used as storage media for files produced by users themselves), VCDs, DVDs, or any computer software for use in the computer workstations.
  6. Users are advised to log off all online user accounts and close the browsers before leaving the workstations for the sake of personal data protection.
  7. The library is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of the facilities in the library.
  8. With the permission of the librarian, users may print out or save on USB memory devices their own created files, but they shall scan their memory devices for virus before operating them on the workstations.
  9. Users using the printing facilities in the library to make print-outs shall pay printing charges. Please refer to the notice in the library or ask the staff for details on printing charges.
  10. Copying of copyright works is an act restricted by the Copyright Ordinance. Users shall make sure that there is no infringement of copyright when using the computer facilities in the library for printing, scanning, downloading and Internet surfing. Please contact the library staff for the full text of the Copyright Ordinance. The scanning service of the library is provided only for documents created by users themselves which they own the copyright, documents with permission for reproduction obtained from the copyright owners, works in which copyright does not subsist and documents with user’s personal information.
  11. All software provided by the library shall be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of relevant licensing agreements. Illegal duplication of any software or file from the workstations in any form is strictly prohibited.
  12. Users shall be considerate to others. They shall remain quiet and shall not eat, drink, sleep, or smoke in the library. Mobile phones or pagers shall be switched off or set to the silent or vibration mode.
  13. Users shall not leave their personal belongings unattended. The library is not liable for any loss or damage of personal belongings. Library staff are authorised to remove all personal belongings left by users from the workstations which have been left vacant for over 15 minutes and to immediately reallocate the workstations to other eligible users in the queue.
  14. Users shall not cause any damage to the facilities in the library or change the system settings of the workstations.
  15. Any irregularity shall be reported to library staff immediately.
  16. Users who fail to comply with the Libraries Regulation and the Conditions of Use may be required to leave this library immediately.
  17. Permission to use the facilities in the library is at the discretion of the librarian.