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Guidelines on the Allocation of ISBNs to Computer Software

Eligible :

  1. Software containing encoded text or static graphics which is complete within itself and specifically intended for output in human readable form.

  2. Computer games primarily intended to educate through a combination of graphics and text. For example, a game for children that is intended to be educational by virtue of text responses and help screens, as opposed to a game of purely entertainment value.

  3. Software that is primarily intended to instruct, such as chess software that teaches a player the moves and strategy of the game, but not software which is solely designed to allow the user to play the game for entertainment.

Ineligible :

  1. Software containing code which is primarily intended for use within machines. For examples, system or application software.

  2. Software containing code which requires data to be added to it in order to function fully. For example, database software, word processing, DTP packages, etc.

  3. Computer games solely or primarily intended for entertainment, irrespective of the age group at whom the product is aimed.

(Extracted from ISBN Review 16 (1995))