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e-Databases - By Tag: Video
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Readers may use the e-databases via the following means:
.access via Internet with the library account.
.use the workstations inside the Hong Kong Public Libraries via Multimedia Information System (MMIS) & this webpage

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Result list of e-databases available at Hong Kong Public Libraries.
The availability of e-databases is subject to change without prior notice.



ABI/INFORM Global (ProQuest 5000) Download User Guide

It offers the latest business and financial information. It provides a comprehensive way to explore thousands of business scholarly journals and financial publications, including full text of Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Economist with coverage of management techniques, theory, advertising, marketing, economics, human resources, finance, taxation, etc.



AccessScience Download User Guide

Features the McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology and weekly late-breaking news articles. Covers all areas of science and technology plus full-text features of biographies, news, learning resources, study guides and many other related sites.



Accounting & Tax (ProQuest 5000) Download User Guide

It offers highly ranked global and scholarly publications for locating quick and precise results on accounting and tax issues. Subject coverage includes accounting policies & standards, tax legislation, corporate & individual taxation, auditing, compensation & pension plans, financial management, etc. Besides obtaining current news and trends of accounting and tax issues, users can also search profiles of accounting-related firms.



Banking Information Database (ProQuest 5000) Download User Guide

In a combination of the Internet and the most authoritative sources of information, which includes Industry and Professional Newsletters, School of Bank, Marketing Papers, and Stonier Theses, it provides a powerful financial services research tool. Users can make use of the journal database to review past records in the financial services market, monitor the rise of future competition, and analyze future market trends.



Biography in Context Download User Guide

It is a biographical database on more than 500,000 people in a broad range of subject areas. The information contained within Biography in Context is perfect for a multitude of subject areas such as, but not limited to, science, multicultural studies, business, politics, government, history, entertainment, sports, arts, and literature.



Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources (GREENR) Download User Guide

"GREENR" offers reference content in the area of the environment, energy and natural resources. The database combines news, unique commentary, audio, video, primary source documents, and case studies into a web-like experience. It also offers interactive maps, opportunities for forums, customizable journals and news, and statistics of various areas such as energy systems, health care, food, climate change, population and economic development etc.



Naxos Video Library Download User Guide

"Naxos Video Library" is the world’s leading performing arts video library which offers extensive streaming of full-length videos from the world's greatest opera houses, ballet companies, orchestras and prestigious artists. It comprises a wide range of genre and programmes including ballets, educational and feature films, Hannover International Violin Competitions, live concerts, music lectures and master classes, musical journeys, opera, theatre and introduction of masterpieces in painting…etc. Some programmes also provide notes and libretto with optional subtitles in various languages including German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish.



Newtonkids Digital Museum Download User Guide

It is an online collection of video materials from Taiwan for students and people who are interested to learn more about our Earth from various aspects, including animals, plants, ecology protection, weather and climate, natural landscapes, and earth science, etc. It provides about 300 video clips with Chinese narration and text description.



ProQuest 5000 Download User Guide

It is an integral collection of databases in arts, business, health & medicine, history, literature & language, science & technology, and social sciences, etc. It provides access to current and historical information from all kinds of reference resources, e.g., newspapers, journals, charts & tables, photos and figures, etc.

The following e-databases are available for access via Internet with the library account.
The availability of e-databases is subject to change without prior notice.

The following e-databases are available for access via Multimedia Information System (MMIS) & this webpage only.
The availability of e-databases is subject to change without prior notice.

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