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Readers may use the e-databases via the following means:
.access via Internet with the library account.
.use the workstations inside the Hong Kong Public Libraries via Multimedia Information System (MMIS) & this webpage

Result list of e-databases available at Hong Kong Public Libraries.
The availability of e-databases is subject to change without prior notice.



Gale In Context: Elementary Download User Guide

It is a database on liberal studies for children aged between 4 and 11, covering various topics in arts, people, sports, science, etc., and pairing with kid-friendly magazines and news articles, images and educational videos. Its read along function facilitates English learning for early readers.



Kiss Holiday Download User Guide

"Kiss Holiday" is an interactive multimedia Chinese database based on the "Kiss Holiday" series published by the Chin-Chin Publications Ltd in Taiwan. It aims to introduce to children the history and underlying meaning of 13 major festivals in a lively manner through animated stories, games and handicrafts, thus enabling them to understand festive customs from around the world. Parents and teachers can make use of the "Tutorial Area" to help their children learn more about these festivals. Dialogues of the stories are in Putonghua.



Miss Humblebee's Academy Download User Guide

Miss Humblebee’s Academy is a fun and interactive learning platform mainly for pre-school children. It provides guided learning for young children to progress in the curriculum by introducing key concepts in art & music, language & literacy, mathematics, science & social studies, and social and emotional learning. Apart from interactive information, the platform also provides music videos, ebooks, games and offline STEAM hands-on activities for young children to explore the fun of learning. The content of the platform is narrated in English. By creating user accounts, parents or teachers can keep track of young children's learning progress via the platform.



Newtonkids Digital Museum Download User Guide

It is an online collection of video materials from Taiwan for students and people who are interested to learn more about our Earth from various aspects, including animals, plants, ecology protection, weather and climate, natural landscapes, and earth science, etc. It provides about 300 video clips with Chinese narration and text description.



OverDrive Magazines Download User Guide

OverDrive Magazines offers a wide range of English e-magazines covering topics such as art, architecture, music, business, cooking, health, travel and outdoor, etc. This database also provides electronic magazines in other languages, including French, Spanish and German. Patrons can read both current and back issues of e-magazines online or download them to their mobile devices anytime and anywhere.



TumbleBookLibrary Download User Guide

TumbleBookLibrary is an interactive English database of animated e-Books selected from well-established publishers of children books around the world.  It includes animated talking storybooks, graphic novels, non-fiction books, math stories, audio books in other foreign languages and National Geographic videos , supplemented with puzzles and games, which are suitable for children of all ages.  It contains rich resources which help support paired reading in English and enhance children's language skills.

The following e-databases are available for access via Internet with the library account.
The availability of e-databases is subject to change without prior notice.

The following e-databases are available for access via Multimedia Information System (MMIS) & this webpage only.
The availability of e-databases is subject to change without prior notice.

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