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Travel around – Travelers' Stories


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About the Authors and Content:

Braver Than You Think
Author:Maggie Downs
Publisher:Catapult, 2020
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Maggie Downs

  • Maggie Downs is an award-winning writer based in Palm Springs, California. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times…etc and has been anthologized in The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology- True Stories from the World's Best Writers and Best Women's Travel Writing. Braver Than You Think is her first book.
  • As her mother struck with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, journalist Maggie Downs decided to embark on a journey to the places her mother had always wanted to, but could not visit herself. “Braver Than You Think” is a tale of discovering the world while confronting the loss of a parent. The book explores grief and loss with tenderness, clarity, and humor, and offers a truly incredible roadmap to coping with the unimaginable.

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About the Authors and Content:

《緋紅日本: 鏡頭下的楓花雪》
Publisher:萬里機構, 2019
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  • 金鈴,香港著名作家,香港作家聯會會員、皇家攝影學會會員。19歲隻身背包遊歐洲,自此瘋狂地戀上旅遊。至今出版小說、攝影及旅遊著作逾36種。她在東方日報、AM730、經濟日報及信報撰寫專欄,並接受報紙,雜誌及電台訪問近100次。金鈴熱愛文化、攝影,對推動旅遊和攝影一直不遺餘力,曾任香港大學、嶺南大學、香港中文大學旅遊綜合課程客席講師,更獲邀往澳門及香港的中學主講攝影旅遊專題。
  • 緋紅日本:鏡頭下的楓花雪 ─ 以三原色中的「紅」為主題,集結日本各地的「紅元素」,書寫一篇篇旅遊散文。以日本多地為題,如伊豆、高野山、京都、十和田、小樽等,書寫各地背後的故事。

Source:SUEP e-Book

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The Art of Getting Lost: 365 Days of Adventure, Big and Small
Author:Brendan Leonard
Publisher:Falcon Guides, 2019
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Travel With Purpose
Author:Jeff Blumenfeld
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2019
Print Book: Library Catalogue

Author: Ming仔
Publisher:天窗出版社, 2019
Print Book: Library Catalogue


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《年屆30, 與其結婚, 不如夜半脫逃》


《走吧, 去下一個嚮往的地方: 人生就該浪費在旅行》