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SUEP e-Book (via “HyRead ebook” platform)

SUEP e-Book (via “HyRead ebook” platform)
A collection offered by Sino United Electronic Publishing Ltd. (SUEP) through the “HyRead ebook”platform, comprising Chinese books that are mainly published in Hong Kong, covering children books for paired reading, literature and fiction, as well as books on business and economics, household knowledge, social sciences, technology and medicines, language learning, education, biography, etc. The books are available for online reading or for downloading to personal computers and mobile devices.

Due to service changes, SUEP e-Book collection provided through the HyRead ebook platform, will be transferred to the "Nowbook Digital Library" e-Book platform and continue to provide service in phases during September and October 2023.  Provision of SUEP e-Book services through HyRead ebook platform will be ceased from 1 November 2023.  Related borrowing, reading and reservation of e-book services will also be ceased/cancelled automatically on the same day.  Please note that some SUEP e-books are now available for online reading through HyRead ebook platform only.

Readers can pay attention to the update on "Nowbook Digital Library" e-Book platform, for borrowing or reservation of SUEP e-Books you are interested in through the new platform.

Please refer to the User Guide of "HyRead ebook" (in Chinese only)

Click the link   on the left side of "HyRead ebook" platform main page to access the booklist of "SUEP e-Book".

Circulation Policy:

Borrowing Limit* Loan Period** Renewal Renewal Period Renewal Limit Reservation*
4 items 7 days 2 days before the due date 7 days 2 times 4 items

*Each registered borrower can borrow a maximum of 8 items and reserve a maximum of 8 items on the platform shared by  "HyRead ebook"  and  "SUEP e-Book".
** The first day refers to the period when the book is checked out up to 23:59 on the following day. (For example, a book borrowed before 23:59 on 1 June will automatically be returned after 23:59 on 8 June.)

1.    The workstations in public libraries are for online reading only. If readers wish to borrow / download e-Books to their personal computers or mobile devices, please follow the above User Guide.
2.    Some books only support Adobe Flash format for online reading.
3.    Readers are advised not to use public computer workstations or mobile devices to check out and download e-Books since such items would be kept in the computers or mobile devices during the loan period.