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Scenery of city – Incredible Architecture


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Future Cities: Architecture and the Imagination
Author:Dobraszczyk, Paul
Publisher:Reaktion Books, 2019

Paul Dobraszczyk

  • A researcher and writer and a teaching fellow at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London. He is the author of The Dead City: Urban Ruins and the Spectacle of Decay and Iron, Ornament and Architecture in Victorian Britain, as well as coeditor of Global Undergrounds: Exploring Cities Within.
  • The book “Future Cities: Architecture and the Imagination” brings together architecture, fiction, film and art, the book re-connects the imaginary city with the real – proposing a future for humanity that is already grounded in the present and in the creative practices of many kinds.

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  • 現擔任香港大學專業進修學院、公開大學李嘉誠專業進修學院等院校及多個社團的古物古蹟、歷史掌故課程導師;導賞員訓練計劃導師;並於各公共圖書館、歷史博物館、探知館等舉辦公開講座;香港電台、新城電台主講香港史歷史掌故節目。
  • 《圖釋香港中式建築》以淺白文字,逐一解構有關香港現存的中式建築細部蘊含的文化意義和建築用途,附以近六百幅本港中式建築物的細部圖片作參考。讀者可按圖索驥,遍遊全港,展開深度的建築文化考察之旅,從中透視香港本土特色,以及蘊含其中的傳統中國文化面貌。

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A History of New York in 27 Buildings
Author:Roberts, Sam
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing,  2019

Paul Rudolph : Inspiration and Process in Architecture
Author:Dixon, John Morris and Bell, Eugenia
Publisher:Princeton Architectural Press, 2019

《東京建築女子的日本建築選品。城市風景x空間思維 100趟充滿詩意的設計之旅》
Author: 李昀蓁
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Print Book : Library Catalogue

Author:王裕華, 蔡清徽