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Intercommunication – Guide to Socialising


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About the Authors and Content:

How to Listen and How to Be Heard
Author:Alissa Carpenter
Publisher:Red Wheel Weiser, 2020

Alissa Carpenter

  • Alissa Carpenter is a multigenerational workplace expert and owner of Everything’s Not Ok and That’s OK, where she provides training, consulting, and speaking services to organizations all over the world. Carpenter has delivered a TEDx talk on authentic workplace communication, and has been featured in media outlets including Forbes, ABC, FOX, and CNN Money.
  • How to Listen and How to be Heard shows you how to bridge the conversation gap and use your unique voice to start powerful conversations. This book is about learning how to communicate with, through, and alongside what makes us different. It’s about open dialogue and practical tools that get everyone on the same page—or at least in the same room. It’s not about quick fixes or the absence of conflict; it’s about working toward authentic communication in the workplace—for managers, employees, and colleagues from all fields. It’s about remembering that we’re all here to work together.

Sources : OverDrive eBooks, Red Wheel Weiser


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About the Authors and Content:

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  • 社企Green Monday創辦人,美國Purpose Economy選出的「亞洲一百名傑出領袖」,著有《Go Green餐廳88間》、《開工正能量》、《溝通正能量》和《棟篤禪》,為多份報章雜誌的專欄作者,曾於多家世界五百強企業和一級學府作佛學、心靈和環保演講,獲本地傳媒頒發「Men of the Year」、「Idea of the Year」、「Local Heroes」、「傑出市場策劃」等大獎。
  • 楊大偉從佛陀這位覺悟人生真理的大智者兼溝通高手身上偷師,跟大家分享如何能從溝通層面,透過體現「慈」的仁愛心予人快樂,學習「悲」的同情心拔除別人苦惱,增添「喜」的恭敬心去長懷喜悅,和鍛煉「捨」的平等心去實現雙贏,齊齊由內而外散發溝通正能量!

Source:"JoyReadClub" e-Book, Crown Publishing

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Say What You Mean
Author:Oren Jay Sofer
Publication:Shambhala, 2018

He Said, She Said, I Said : 7 Keys to Relationship Success
Author:Barbara J. Peters
Publisher:WriteLife Publishing, 2020

Mr. Boddington's Etiquette : Charm and Civility for Every Occasion
Author:Mr. Boddington's Studio
Publisher:Chronicle Books LLC, 2018



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Author:說書人 StoryTaler
Publisher:天窗出版社, 2019
Printed Book:Library Catalogue

Publisher:化學工業出版社, 2018

Publisher:華中科技大學出版社, 2018