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Britannica eBooks

Britannica eBooks

Britannica eBooks provides over 1 000 non-fiction titles published by Britannica Educational Publishing, covering a broad spectrum of subjects such as Art & Literature, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Studies, History and Sports.  Some e-books even provide teacher notes categorised by reading level, making them great for early learners to high school students, and suitable for parent-child reading.  New books will be added to provide readers with more trusted materials.

Circulation Policy:

Loan Quota

Loan Period 


14 days

For details, please refer to the User Guide

User Guide for Britannica eBooks


    1. All Britannica eBooks are available for online reading and download.
    2. All Britannica eBooks can be downloaded to your PC/Mac or mobile devices for offline reading.
  • PC/Mac : Requires a one-time download of the iPublishCentral Reader Application
  • Mobile devices: Requires a one-time download of the iPublishCentral Reader Mobile APP
  • Readers are advised not to download e-books to public computer workstations or devices since such items will be stored in the computers or devices during the loan period.