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FunPark consists of five thematic portals, namely “Fun Stories”, “Fun Publications”, “Fun Learning”, “Fun Poems” and “Fun Video”, providing e-books in traditional Chinese characters suitable for children aged 3 to 12 through interactive interfaces. Apart from animated stories narrated in Putonghua, there are interactive games for children to nurture their reading interest and enhance their language skills in a joyful atmosphere. Topics covered include mathematical logic and moral values. The e-books are available for online reading or for downloading to mobile devices.

For details, please refer to the following user guide (in Chinese only).


Circulation Policy:

1.   The e-books are not available for download (borrowing) on personal computers. To download (borrow) the e-books, readers are required to download and install the FunPark童書夢工廠 APP on a mobile device. The workstations in public libraries are for online reading only.
2.   Basic requirement for the operating system of the mobile device: above Android 7.0; or above iOS 11.0.
3.   Each registered reader can borrow a maximum of 10 e-books. The maximum loan period is 14 days.
4.   The loan period begins on the day when the e-book is checked out. Part of a day will be counted as a full day. The e-books will be returned automatically after 23:59 on the due day. For example, an e-book downloaded/borrowed on 1 April will be returned automatically after 23:59 on 15 April.