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The Magic of Plants – Gardening







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OverDrive eBooks【Login

OverDrive eBooks【Login

Field Guide to Urban Gardening
Author: Espiritu, Kevin
Publisher: Cool Springs Press, 2019

Vegetable Gardening Wisdom
Author: Trimble, Kelly Smith
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC, 2019

The Hidden Life of TREES*
Author: Wohlleben, Peter;  Flannery, Tim
Publisher: Greystone Books, 2016
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Author: 董國祥
Publisher: 紅出版(青森文化), 2016
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Author: 林書妍撰文; 漫畫罐頭繪圖
Publisher: 人類文化出版, 2015
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Author: 余海文
Publisher: 汕頭大學出版社, 2015.

 * About the Authors and Content:

Peter Wohlleben

  • A German forester and ranger who worked for the forestry service for more than twenty years
  • A popular science book based on his knowledge of trees
  • A bestseller in plain language
  • Combines his own knowledge and observations with several lauded scientific studies
  • Anthropomorphizes how trees exhibit communal behaviors, communicate by sending signals or sound or vibration

Source: Gale Books and Authors



  • 人生中大多與數字為伍
  • 愛賞花,但不太懂種花,亦沒太多時間打理花草
  • 作者透過自身經驗,為種花初哥或缺乏時間的大忙人,建議適合栽種的植物,無論怎樣冷待,都不輕易枯萎
  • 配合一些簡單的工具,可改變盆栽原有的面貌,加添綠色的氣息