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Reading Programme for Children and Youth


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The Hong Kong Public Libraries launch a new face of “Reading Programme for Children and Youth”in September 2012. The new programme is designed to encourage members to use writings and drawings to share the fun and experiences of reading withothers and to participate more in Libraries’reading activities . Students from kindergarten to Form 6 are welcome to join.

Existing members do not need to re-register as they will be automatically joining the new Programme. With the old membership card, members can get the new package of Record Book of “Reading Footprints”and other relevant forms from the libraries they registered on or after 1st September 2012.Details of the new Programme are as follows:





To stimulate the interest of children and youth in reading, cultivate their reading habits, widen their scope of reading and knowledge, enhance their ability in language usage and encourage parents’active participation in paired reading.


Programme Details

1. Category:

  • Family (Kindergarten to Primary 3, accompanied by parent)
  • Senior Primary (Primary 4-6)
  • Junior Secondary (Form 1-3)
  • Senior Secondary (Form 4-6)


2. Members must be registered patrons of the Hong Kong Public Libraries.


3. Record Book:

Member will be given a record book, "Reading Footprints" of Reading Programme for Children and Youth, to record the reading progress, including information of printed and electronic books read that are borrowed from the Hong Kong Public Libraries or his / her school library, submission of completed information of "Sharing My Joyful Reading" and " Recommending My Favourite Book" to the Hong Kong Public Libraries, and information on the participation in the "Monthly Meeting of Joyful Reading" of the Hong Kong Public Libraries. All valid records would be recognized by a stamp marked by the Hong Kong Public Libraries and / school libraries (if applicable).


4. Annual Summary:

Member shall return record book to the public library that he / she registered membership for consolidation on or before 31st August, and get a fresh record book for the new year-round on or after 1st September. For record books received after the closing date, the reading records cannot be brought forward next year-round. All records are counted from 1st September each year to 31st August next year.


5. Reading Activities and Awards:

5.1 Reading Certifi­cate :

Member who reads six books or above will be given a certi­ficate to certify the number of books read within the period. Member shall bring along his / her membership card and go to the library where he / she registered the membership to get the certi­ficate from December of the same year to December next year. Certificate will not be re-issued after the closing date. School / organization with the highest total number of book read by its nominated members within the period will be presented with a trophy of "Most Active School in Promoting Reading". School / organization which has successfully nominated the highest number of member during the period will be presented with a trophy of "Most Active School in Promoting Participation".


5.2 "Sharing My Joyful Reading ", "Stars of the Month " & "Reading Supernova ":

Members to submit "Sharing My Joyful Reading" may be recommended by librarians for the selection of "Stars of the Month". The selection result of each category of "Stars of the Month" will be announced on Member Newsletter posted up in libraries and the library webpage ( If there is any dispute, the Public Libraries reserves the right to make the fi­nal decision. After the year-round consolidation, the winners of each category will be presented with the certifi­cates and medals of "Stars of the Month". For the best three winners of each category, each will be presented with a certi­ficate and medal of "Reading Supernova".


5.3 "Recommending My Favourite Book " and Souvenir :

Member who recommends book to other members for reading by using the form of "Recommending My Favourite Book" will receive a souvenir.

5.4 "Monthly Meeting of Joyful Reading " & "Elite of Joyful Reading ":


Each of the most active 20 members in attending "Monthly Meeting of Joyful Reading" of Reading Programme for Children and Youth will be presented with a medal of "Elite of Joyful Reading".



1. Applicant may join individually or through the nomination of a school or an organization.


2. Application forms are available at any Hong Kong Public Libraries or downloaded from this webpage.


3. When submitting application form, it is required to produce a valid library card of Hong Kong Public Libraries. If the applicant is nominated by a school / organization, the application should be endorsed by the nominator with a stamp chop.