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Hong Kong Voices

Hong Kong Voices


“Hong Kong Voices”, an important component of Hong Kong Memory, is a digital oral history archive which collects the life experiences, perceptions and sentiments of Hong Kong individuals by means of oral history methods.  It is a dynamic and proactive way to preserve the cultural history of Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Memory completed about 120 audio/audio-visually recorded interviews (browse records by name).  Interviewees come from different age groups, places of origin, ethnic backgrounds, social classes and occupations.  The scope of the interviews covers a wide range of subjects such as industry, education, community, housing, art and culture, and social life in Hong Kong under the Japanese occupation.


Each oral history record forms an independent profile.  Each profile consists of five sections:

  • Brief Biography – a biographical summary of the interviewee, with the basic information such      as birth date, birth place, ethnic origin, family, education, occupation
  • Highlights of interview – clips are made of special parts of the interview, each being 1 to 3 minutes long; together these clips provide a snapshot of the interviewee’s life account
  • Full record – this includes the entire processed audio/audio-visual record of the interview
  • Gallery – photographs and documents supplied by the interviewee and/or collected by Hong Kong Memory
  • Reference – background research materials that facilitate the understanding of the interview content