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Library Card for Guarantor's Use (Secondary Guarantor)


Application for “Library Card for Guarantor’s Use (Secondary Guarantor)”

  1. The guarantor must be a resident of Hong Kong aged 18 or above.
  2. The guarantor shall submit a completed “Application Form For Library Card For Guarantor’s Use (Secondary Guarantor)” (Form no. LCS876a) in person to any public library with the signature of the primary guarantor and the library card holder under guarantee (hereinafter called “the guarantee”).
  3. The guarantor shall present the completed application form together with the following documents for verification:

    1. a.

      the original of the Hong Kong Identity Card and the proof of residential address issued within the last 3 months (e.g. water/electricity/gas/telephone bill, etc.). If the guarantor holds a library card issued by the Hong Kong Public Libraries, ex-Urban Council Public Libraries or ex-Regional Council Public Libraries, or he/she is already the registered guarantor of a guarantee, proof of residential address is not required;

    2. b.

      the original or photocopy (front side) of the library card and the Hong Kong Identity Card or the Birth Certificate of the guarantee; and

    3. c.

      if the guarantee is aged 18 or above, the original or photocopy of other supporting document(s) (e.g. Registration Card for People with Disabilities, medical certificate in proof of chronic illness, etc.) is required.

Points to Note

  1. If anyone aged 18 or above who accepts the guarantee is not a library card holder, the guarantor can, on his/her behalf, submit a “Library Card Application Form” (Form no. LCS4 ) together with the “Application Form for Library Card for Guarantor’s Use”. The guarantor shall produce the original proof of residential address issued within the last 3 months (e.g. water/electricity/gas/telephone bill, etc.) of the guarantee for verification.
  2. Expiry of the “Library Card for Guarantor’s Use”:

    • For the guarantee aged below 18, the card will expire automatically upon the guarantee reaches the age of 18.
    • For the guarantee aged 18 or above who is unable to visit the library in person due to special reason, such as prolonged illnesses or mobility-handicapped, the card will expire 3 years from the date of issue. The guarantor may re-apply for the card, if necessary, with the documents mentioned in paragraph 3 above.
    • The expired or cancelled “Library Card for Guarantor’s Use” shall be returned to the library; otherwise, a replacement fee of HK$33 per card will be charged upon re-application.
  3. The “Library Card for Guarantor’s Use" must not be transferred to other person for use. Before the expiry date, either the guarantor or the guarantee may at any time apply to the library for its cancellation. Even though the “Library Card for Guarantor’s Use” is cancelled, the primary guarantor of a guarantee aged below 18 still has to meet the obligations as a primary guarantor.
  4. The primary guarantor and secondary guarantor of the “Library Card for Guarantor’s Use” shall be personally liable for the contravention of any provision under the Libraries Regulation when he/she uses the Library Card. The account of the guarantee shall be frozen where necessary.
  5. The library items borrowed by the “Library Card for Guarantor’s Use” are charged to the account of the guarantee, which may be used to borrow a maximum of 10 items of library materials for a period of 14 days.
  6. Report of loss of the “Library Card for Guarantor’s Use” must be made in person at any public library. The card holder may, however, first report the loss by telephone to the Hong Kong Public Libraries in order to prevent the unauthorised use of the lost card.
  7. Any change of personal particulars should be notified to the Hong Kong Public Libraries. For details, please contact our library staff or click : Change of Personal Particulars