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Culture and Customs

Learn to organize your ideal home through e-Books and e-Databases........ [Culture and Customs – Worldwide Customs / Culture and Customs – Intercultural Communication]


The Latest & Previous Content Highlights
Art of Photography Happy Festivals
Art of Photography – Light, Shadow and Angle
Art of Photography – Colors of Life

Modern Education – Flipped Classroom
Modern Education – E-learning
Happy Festivals – Chinese and Western Festivals
Happy Festivals – Festivals and Ethnicity
Mystery of Life – Sea Creatures
Mystery of Life – Origin of Species
Green Life – Waste and Recycling
Green Life – Renewable Energy
Sound of Music – Pop Music
Sound of Music – Calm Your Soul
Delightful Moments – Tea Appreciation
Delightful Moments – History of Tea
Mental Health – Pressure Handling
Mental Health – Children’s Mental Health

Step into Philosophy – Influential Eastern and Western Philosopher: Confucius and Socrates
Step into Philosophy – Existentialism
Efficient Effort – Enhancing Motivation
Efficient Effort – Time Management

Business & Trading – Entrepreneurship
Business & Trading – History of Global Trading 
Sport Games – The Football World
Sport Games – Data Analysis and Performance
Food & Nutrition – Different Types of Diets
Food & Nutrition – Micronutrients
Self Care – Relieve Itching
Self Care – Oral Health Tips
Internet Era – Computer Skills
Internet Era – e-Sports 
Japanese Films – The Anime World of Hayao Miyazaki
Japanese Films – A Closer Look at the Anime 

Inside out – Personality Tests
Inside out – Personality and Potentials
Human Happiness – Art of Living
Human Happiness – Philosophical Perspectives

Chinese Culture – Art of Chinese Characters
Chinese Culture – Descendants of the Dragon
Healing and Curing – Chinese Medicine
Healing and Curing – Chinese Healthy Lifestyle
Hills and Mountains – Guide to Hiking
Hills and Mountains – Roof of the World
Home Sweet Home – Arts of Storage
Home Sweet Home – Greening Home
Culture and Customs – Worldwide Customs
Culture and Customs – Intercultural Communication

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