Online Registration for Borrowers

Residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region who has never applied for a library card or E-Account of Hong Kong Public Libraries can make application through this online platform. Upon submission of valid application, holders of Hong Kong Smart Identity Card can login immediately through the website of Hong Kong Public Libraries, and borrow e-books or enjoy access to diversified e-resources. Two types of registered accounts (Type A or B) are available for application as follows, while Type B account has already included the functions and services available for Type A account.

  1. Application for an E-Account (Only online e-reading is allowed. Applicants are not required to go to any library for completion of application.)
    Online application procedures
  2. Application for Using Smart Identity Card Allowed for Library Purposes AND/OR library card of Hong Kong Public Libraries (Applicants do not need to apply for E-Account separately, and it is allowed to apply for the use of both smart ID card and library card for library services. However, applicants are required to complete the application in person at libraries.)
    Online application procedures

Notes on Application

  1. This online platform is provided for residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region who has never applied for a Library Card or E-Account to submit application. For Non-residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region applying for a temporary library card, please submit the application in person at any branch of the Hong Kong Public Libraries.
  2. Applicants of E-Account do not need to provide the proof of Hong Kong residential address when submitting the applications.
  3. The electronic file(s) of document copies uploaded to this platform is/are for verification and processing your application, and not intended for permanent keeping. The maximum file size of each document is 3MB and the file should be in jpg or png format.
  4. Information provided be correctly input and verified against the uploaded document copies as valid. Otherwise, the application might be delayed or rejected.
  5. All documents, including copies of the proof of identity and proof of residential address, uploaded to the platform will be deleted after completion of the application procedures. If the application is rejected, all files uploaded will be deleted after rejection of the application.
  6. For services provided by Hong Kong Public libraries, please click here for details.
  7. Applicants are strongly advised not to submit the applications on public computers in order to minimize the chance of leakage of personal information. If applicants are not using their own personal computers to submit the applications, please be reminded to completely delete all personal data (including the files of the proof of identity and residential address) that was saved on the computers and close all browser windows.

Declarations and Regulations

Personal Information Collection Statement

  1. The personal data provided on this platform will be used for the purposes of processing the application, posting of library notices and provision of library services only.
  2. Please contact library staff if you have any enquiries concerning the personal data collected, including the requests for access and correction.
  3. Data will be encrypted during transmission to Web servers in order to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the data transfer.

Libraries Regulation

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