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Children's Library

The Children's Library, located on the 2/F of the Hong Kong Central Library, allows young readers up to the age of 12 to explore for new worlds of knowledge through its diversified collection, thus helping them in their growth and development.

Objective - Nurturing a love and a habit of reading

To provide a well-balanced collection for children, including print and non-print materials, so as to serve their informational needs and foster a love of reading among children, develop their creativity and imagination, enhance their life experience and to meet at different stages of development;
To provide readers' advisory services so as to help children in fuller use of library resources and to enhance their learning ability;
To assist parents and child workers in nurturing a love and a habit of reading among children.

Nurturing a love and a habit of reading
Nurturing a love and a habit of reading

Scope of Services

Lending and reference services
Readers' advisory services
Reading guidance
Extension activities - Storytelling for Children, Reading Programme for Children & Family, Parents' Talk and Workshop
Subject bibliographies


Lending and Reference Collection
A total of over 260,000 lending and reference items including books and audio materials like stories and songs, in addition to a collection of children periodicals.

Picture Books
A comprehensive picture book collection is available in the Picture Book Corner. Parents are encouraged to read with their children to promote early literacy.

Children's Award-winning Collection
The Children's Award-winning Collection covers 22 children's literacy awards, including 13 Awards in English literacy and 9 Awards in Chinese literacy. Children are encouraged to read the award-winning titles with their parents.

Recommended Reading for Children
The Children's Library will regularly produce subject bibliographies such as "Parent-Child Reading Booklist" and "Resource List for Children" to introduce its diversified collection so as to meet the informational needs and foster their love of reading among children.


Various facilities include:

  • Lending Section
  • Reference Section
  • Picture Book Corner
  • Children's Activity Room
  • Exhibition Area
  • Workstations
  • Reading Area
  • Children's Multimedia Room
  • Toy Library
  • Babycare Room

Information Service
Picture Book Corner


Subject Bibliographies

The Children's Library will regularly produce subject bibliographies such as "Parent-Child Reading Booklist" and "Resource List for Children" to introduce its diversified collection so as to meet the informational needs and foster the love of reading among children.

Subject Bibliographies

Recommended Lists for Children

Kids' Project Guide

Electronic Resources for Kids

For enquiry, please call 2921 0385.

Children's Activity Room

The Children's Activity Room is located on the 2/F of the Hong Kong Central Library. Built with tiered seating that accommodate 60 people and equipped with colorful performance stage, audio and video projection system, the Children's Activity Room caters to families who enjoy hearing stories from best loved children's classics or to experience the fun of reading activities brought onto the stage.

Children's Activity Room

Children's Multimedia Room

The Children's Multimedia Room located on 2/F of the Hong Kong Central Library provides 24 workstations for 3 to 12 years old children to enjoy. There stocks interactive and educational CD-ROMs covering a wide variety of topics such as Chinese Language, English Learning, General Studies, Mathematics and Arts. Parents are welcome to accompany their children and parent-child relationship can be enhanced through playing CD-ROMs together.

Children Multimedia Collection

Children's Multimedia Room
Children's Multimedia Room

Toy Library

Starting from 1 November 2018, there will be a big change in Toy Library Service. More 'FUN' and more 'FreePlay'. Please refer to the latest poster and timetable for details. 

Located on the 2/F of the Hong Kong Central Library, the Toy Library is the first public toy library in Hong Kong targeting children aged eight or below and their parents. Four play corners, namely Baby Play Corner, Pretend and Imaginative Play Corner, Creative Play Corner and Activities and Games Play Corner, are specially designed to cater for the development needs and play behavior of children of different ages.


To advocate the importance of play for the healthy development of children and to help children unlock their potential and creativity through play;
To enhance the parent-child relationship through the promotion of family play and the provision of a family play venue;
To inculcate a habit of using library among children at an early age.

Toy Library
Toy Library


  • Board Game
  • Card Game
  • Electronic Game
  • Skills Game
  • Puzzle
  • Construction Play
  • Creative Play
  • Musical Play
  • Physical Play
  • Pretend Play

Play Environment Design

The Toy Library adopts the theme of nature for its play environment design. Four play corners are set up to cater for play behavior and needs of children of different ages:

Baby Play Corner

The Baby Play Corner is designed for toddlers aged 3 or below. Toddlers are required to accompany with their parents when using this corner. This play corner layers with soft mats and cushions that toddlers can enjoy their playtime with their parents in a safety environment.

Pretend and Imaginative Play Corner

Decorated with different thematic play settings, children can perform different role-play games in the Pretend and Imaginative Play Corner.

Creative Play Corner

The Creative Play Corner is suitable for conducting family play, such as construction games, skills games, etc. Parents are welcome to join their youngsters' playtime so as to foster parent-child relationship.

Activities and Games Play Corner

Tailor-made tables and seatings are available in the Activities and Games Play Corner. Here children can enjoy the fun of play and learn from the intellectually stimulating toys such as board games, card games and puzzles, etc. with their parents and playmates.

Toy Catalogue

The toy catalogue is especially designed for children readers with a simple, user-friendly interface to facilitate searches by category, title, age-appropriate, call number, brand name, etc.

Opening Hour

The Toy Library opens in sessions during its opening hours. Each session accommodates 40 people at most. Each person can only reserve one session per day. For hygiene reasons, all users are required to wear socks inside the Toy Library. Please refer to the Conditions of use of Toy Library for details.


Parent may reserve play sessions in person or by telephone at 29210386, no more than seven days prior to the intended date of use (that day inclusive) during the opening hours. Each person can only reserve one session per day.

For enquiry, please call 2921 0378.

Babycare Room

The Babycare Room, located in the Children's Library on the 2/F, is reserved for patrons who need to breastfeed or bottle-feed babies. To protect users' privacy, only one family unit comprising at least one adult and one accompanying baby is allowed to use the Babycare Room at a time. Readers can contact the staff of the Children's Multimedia Room for use. For details, please refer to the Conditions of Use of the Babycare Room.

The facilities in the Babycare Room include:

  • Bench
  • Sink
  • Hot and cold water dispenser
  • Soft mat
  • Automatic antiseptic handrub dispenser

Babycare Room
Babycare Room

Audio-visual Library

The Audio-visual Library which is located on the 6/F provides 68 IDS workstations as well as a diversified audio-visual collection of over 170,000 items, including children’s beloved fairy tale animations and items that are specially catered for junior readers, such as educational animations and video programs of the Education Bureau (EDB). Besides, for those who prefer audio items, there are also various children songs, folk songs, cartoon songs, audio stories and many others at their choice. Junior readers may access the items via the Audio-on-demand and the Video-on-demand of the Multimedia Information System (MMIS) at the IDS workstations there.

Audio-visual Library

Language Learning Centre

The Language Learning Centre is located on the sixth floor of the Hong Kong Central Library and houses different international languages and dialects learning materials. Each of the 34 language booths in the Centre is equipped with a computer terminal and audio-visual facilities for users to learn languages at their own pace.

Learning a foreign language at an early age provides benefits for a lifetime. Advantages are academic, cultural and personal. Get started now and open up a new dimension for your children here at the Language Learning Centre of the Hong Kong Central Library!

Language Learning Centre
Language Learning Centre

User Education Hall

The User Education Hall on the G/F of HKCL frequently organises user education sessions for you and your kids. The activities aim to provide training on efficient application of library resources, to stimulate your kids' curiosity and to facilitate their study and cognitive development.

Apart from our Public Guided Tour, you and your kids are welcome to join various User Education Sessions that introduce you to our Multimedia Information System, Electronic Databases and Library Catalogue. During these sessions, you and your kids can learn searching skills and how to make the best use of library resources.

User Education Hall: 2921 0563

User Education Hall