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Summer Reading Month

Summer Reading Month


From 2002 to 2017, the Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) has been organizing the territory-wide summer programme for children, Summer Reading Month, aiming to promote summer reading and encourage parent-child reading through thematic exhibition and a variety of reading activities.

The activities of summer Reading Month are rich and full of fun. In addition to the thematic exhibition, an array of activities include parent-child talks, variety shows, interactive storytelling workshops, parent-child workshops, contest on dramatization, etc. In order for parents, teachers and children to know more about the theme, a thematic guide to books and multimedia resources in the public libraries has been prepared for further reading on the theme.

Children and parents enjoyed the percussion concert in the exhibition venue of Summer Reading Month 2013

Children and parents enjoyed the percussion concert.


Video: Thematic Exhibitions in the Past

2015 : Festivals of the World

2014 : The Earth and I: Sustainable Development

2013 : The Journey of Love Bon Bowl


Thematic Exhibitions In the Past 

2017 : A Tour of Chinese Culture

2016 : All About Sports Events

2015 : Festivals of the World 

2014 : The Earth and I: Sustainable Development


Programme Booklets In the Past

Summer Reading Month 2017 Programme Booklet

Summer Reading Month 2016 Programme Booklet

Summer Reading Month 2015 Programme Booklet 

Summer Reading Month 2014 Programme Booklet