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 Stories-On-Board: Story Books


Story Books

Reading creates fun and stimulates the unlimited imagination of children! The Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) presents the award-winning children’s picture book of the "Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese", and the “Gulliver Immersive Storytelling Wall” created by the Hong Kong Design Institute Media Lab, the stories are recreated in animated videos and narrated by the HKPL Story Ambassador, which will surely bring you a new reading experience.

格列佛遊記    臉紅熊

公雞彎彎旅行團    爸爸的呼嚕聲

誰最勇敢     乙乙的大板牙

送給弟弟的第一份禮物     奇妙的旅程 

爸爸和媽媽     我喜歡你


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