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Reading is not as static as one might think. Reading, like exchanging ideas with friends, keeps our mind inquisitive by offering us opportunities to gain fresh perspectives from others. Books may not present solutions to all the problems we encounter, but they shed light on our lives by unleashing our creativity and expanding our imagination.

Librarians of the Hong Kong Public Libraries have selected 60 Chinese e-books covering seven topics about life, including family, love, personal growth, career, illustration, philosophy and creativity. From 1 March to 1 May 2022, readers can enjoy the 60 e-books of Librarians’ Choice free of charge without making a reservation. The 60 e-books will be available in unlimited copies, and will not occupy the original borrowing limit of four e-books per reader.

The librarians have put their sharing in writing. You may take the sharing as reference when choosing what books to read. The librarians’ sharing and seven thematic booklists are available at the thematic website (content in Chinese only):

This e-book programme is a part of the “life/LIBRARY” campaign aiming to explore with you the multifaceted aspects, or SLASHes, of life, where one can find passages of infinite possibilities to rekindle the joy of reading.


e-Book selection (From 1 Mar to 1 May)


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