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The Hong Kong Public Libraries has always taken the promotion of local literary arts as an important goal. With the provision of a rich and balanced library collection, organization of territory-wide literary awards and events, the Public Libraries aims at cultivating public interest in reading and creative writing. Since the inception of Hong Kong Literature Festival in 1997, the Public Libraries has devoted to become a hub of local literary activities that bring together literary talents to achieve the goal.

For the 9th Hong Kong Literature Festival, running from 28 June to 15 July 2012, there will be a variety of activities about local literature for the general public to discover the city’s affectionate discourses.

Literature is the creative works of emotional experience. Great literary pieces have the power to release writers’ emotional tension and also to elicit readers’ joy and pleasure, fear and sorrow. Adopting the theme “Affections Between the Lines” this year, the Public Libraries has invited eminent writers, scholars, cultural critics and literary groups to share their views on the affectionate aspects of literature in a variety of activities. The local and overseas Symposium speakers are going to present papers on the lyrical tradition, the forms of expression and the fictional fabulations about Hong Kong literature. There will be a poetry recital with seven local poets to share their works about traveling. Our other guests will conduct group reading workshops, guided reading sessions and talks on emotional creativity. In the thematic exhibition, we prepared very informative materials on a number of Hong Kong literary works which carry very strong sentiments.
Unless otherwise stated, all programmes are conducted in Cantonese and are free of charge.
Programme is subject to change without prior notice.



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