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About Hong Kong Literature Festival

Promotion of literary arts is an integral part of the work of the Hong Kong Public Libraries. Apart from providing a rich and balanced mix of library stock, the Hong Kong Public Libraries organises various competitions and major promotion programmes to enhance public appreciation of and interests in literary arts. Since its launch in 1997, the Hong Kong Literature Festival has targeted on encouraging literary writing and reading in the territory through the provision of a variety of literary activities to the public. The Hong Kong Literature Festival will invite writers, scholars, cultural and arts workers to participate in literary activities and have an exchange of thoughts with literary enthusiasts.

Each place is unique. Its social, cultural and natural scenery in different periods of time leaves a deep impression on us, offering rich resources for literary creation. Such scenery changes gradually as time goes by. As "momentographers" who seek to capture the unforgettable moments, writers experience the flavour of life and put their vision and imagination in writing, telling us the lives of people in different periods as well as capturing both time and space in literature. Let us travel in time together. Turn the pages to explore the scenery and people in different eras and experience the writers' stories and sentiments. From writers' writing styles and slices of memories, we will find the moments of our own in literature.

Adopting the theme of "Moments in Literature", the 13th Hong Kong Literature Festival (HKLF) will look into the crisscrossing of time, space and memories. Through an array of activities, we will explore from the perspectives of scholars, poets, writers, cultural critics and artists how writers portray their vision and experiences and reconstruct the scenery and people in different eras by means of literary reappearance and imagination. It is time to follow writers' portraits of places and faces in different eras to appreciate the sentiments and imagination in literary works. Let us set off on a journey to literature to reminisce about the bygone days.


  • Unless otherwise specified, all programmes will be conducted in Cantonese with free admissions.
  • Session will be cancelled if Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above, Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or "extreme conditions"Note is issued and remains in force 3 hours before the starting time of the session. (Note: In case of serious disruption of public transport services, extensive flooding, major landslides or large-scale power outage caused by a super typhoon, the Government will make an announcement of "extreme conditions".)
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  • The content of the programme does not represent the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.