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About Hong Kong Literature Festival

The Hong Kong Public Libraries has always taken the promotion of local literary arts as an important goal. With the provision of a rich and balanced library collection, organization of territory-wide literary awards and events, the Public Libraries aims at cultivating public interest in reading and creative writing. Since the inception of Hong Kong Literature Festival in 1997, the Public Libraries has devoted to become a hub of local literary activities that bring together literary talents to achieve the goal. Coming to the 10th edition this year, the Public Libraries will continue to organize a variety of Festival activities to literary enthusiasts and let this sun-drenched summer be lightened up with a fresh breeze of literary fame.

The 10th Hong Kong Literature Festival will take place during 26 June to 13 July 2014. Adopting the main theme “Feeling Nostalgic”, the Festival will feature an array of events about the intimate relationship of memories and literary creativity. The act of remembering, recalling old memories, dealing with past events is very natural human behaviour and not only memoirist but writers of all literary forms are mediums for unleashing their memory process and reconfiguration into artistic works. The Festival will line up published writers, renowned poets, eminent scholars, cultural artists and critics to track memories in literature and to examine the power of memories that persist in writers and bleed into their literary creations.

Unless otherwise stated, all programmes are conducted in Cantonese and are free of charge.
Programmes are subject to change without prior notice.